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Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty app review: interactive 3D pop-up book



There are hundreds of gaming mobile applications that aim to equip children with valuable skills. One such application is Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty developed by StoryToys Entertainment Limited. Since its introduction to the App Store, it has generated thousands of downloads from all across the globe. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the available languages are Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, English, French, and German.

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Grimm's Sleeping Beauty ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book


What to Expect from this Magical Application

Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty was developed to give young readers access to a magical fantasy world that will work on their creativity skills. All the scenes are in 3D so rest assured that your child will enjoy and understand the story behind each scene. For instance, she will enjoy a princess’ birthday party and dress-up fairies right on your iPhone or iPad device.

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Unlike other applications, you do not need an Internet connection and you can use the app anywhere in the world. The developers have also worked to come up with a number of magical puzzles that will not only entertain the child but also educate him or her. This will go a long way in enhancing their imagination and creativity skills. 

Best Features

One of the major features that makes Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty special is that each story is professionally narrated by actors who have years of experience. The app has 35 beautifully presented text pages that will equip him or her with valuable reading skills that will come in handy in school.

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The developers also worked to come up with 11 interactive 3D pop-scenes that have simple tasks and games. The main reason of adding this feature is to help keep child focused and entertained. Note that you do not have to change any settings on your phone as it is optimized to work on all screen resolutions.

There is also a unique jigsaw puzzle pack and a 3D sticker book that will make the reading experience more fun. Despite the many fun features that the app offers, its interface is extremely easy to use so parents will only need to guide their children during the initial stages.

Grimm's Sleeping Beauty ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book


Pros and Cons


  • Hundreds of exciting and challenging puzzles
  • 3D scenes
  • Narration is done by professional actors
  • Easy-to-use interface that is ideal for children of all age groups
  • No Internet access is required
  • Excellent animations and graphics to grab and hold the attention of your child


  • It is prone to bugs that can force it to shut down unexpectedly

Final Thoughts

Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty is an amazing iOS application that will keep your child entertained for hours. It is easy to use and no prior experience is required. 


Grimm's Sleeping Beauty ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book

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