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Real Emojis app review: offering funny faces of real people to liven up your messages 2021



Real Emojis offers a new twist to the emoji craze. Instead of offering animated avatars, this emoji iPhone app offers funny faces of real people and cute animals.

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The iPhone emoji app gives you access to hundreds of wacky celebrities including Mr. Bean, Morgan Freeman, Miley Cyrus, and many more. It allows you to insert these images in your messages and use them as special emojis. 

For more details on this good emoji app for iPhone, check out our Real Emojis app review below. 

Real Emojis


Give New Life to Your Messages with Real Emojis

If you are getting tired of using the usual animated emojis, then you can try Real Emojis to give your messages a new twist. This app uses the images of real celebrities showing funny facial expressions.

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And like with other emoji apps, you can send the images to your friends via text messages, email, and chat. You can also share the emojis on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites.

Using Real Emojis is easy. Just install the app and the images will be automatically downloaded to your device. The app offers more than 200 funny faces so the download process could take a few minutes.

After installation you can immediately access the emoji collections from the app’s home screen. The app displays the emojis in grid format and all you have to do is to scroll down the screen to see all the available real emojis.

To insert an emoji in your messages, just hold-tap an image for a few seconds until the copy icon appears on screen. Tap the copy icon and open your messaging app. You can now insert your selected emoji by pasting it in the message box. Then, tap send and surprise your friend with funny looking celebrity emoji.

Give New Life to Your Messages with Real Emojis  image

Best Features of Real Emojis App

Real Emojis offers more than 200 funny faces of real celebrities. Some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities are included in the collection. There are also real emojis of sports super stars, politicians, kids, rappers, comedians, and talk show hosts.

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The app offers a simple single screen layout where you can access all the emojis. You can browse the collection by scrolling down the screen to find the perfect emoji.

Real Emojis allows you to save an image to your device. Just tap an emoji and hold it for a few seconds to see the save icon. Tap save and the emoji will be stored in your device library. You can then use it in any way you like.

This app integrates seamlessly with the native SMS and instant messaging applications through the copy/paste operation. It supports iMessage for your iPad and iPod touch devices. The app also allows you to share emojis via Facebook and Twitter.

Best Features of Real Emojis App image

Real Emojis


Pros and Cons


  • Offers straightforward interface with simple navigation
  • Easy to use
  • More than 200 famous celebrity emojis
  • Supports social media sharing
  • Works with iMessage and native instant messaging apps


  • Lacks categories for quick access
  • Needs bookmarking tool for frequently used emojis

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Real Emojis is one of the best emoji apps in the App Store. It is a premium app with no in-app purchase options, and offers an innovative way to liven up your messages with funny-looking celebrities. If you are looking for new emojis, then Real Emojis is perfect for you. 

Real Emojis

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