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2048 - Doge Version app review: the third generate doge puzzle game



Solving puzzles has never been more fun and exciting than with this cute and challenging 2048 app. Joao Pedro Melo has developed a 2048 iTunes application that is tailored to provide users with smart puzzles to keep them entertained for hours, in a cute and cuddly manner. The default language is English and it's compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices.

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2048 - Doge Version


How to play

Perhaps you have already tried out the previous 2048 number puzzle for IPhone. If you have, rest assured that this one will give you a unique gaming experience that is totally different from the previous versions. Simply put, this is a doge version of 2048 and is packed with thousands of doge face graphics to ensure that you get the best experience.

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To solve the puzzle, you just need to match similar doges. The trick to getting high scores is by taking time to study each of the faces displayed on the interface to make the right move. Matching the doges is utterly easy, as you just have to swipe the interface.

The developer has also added features that enable it to record all your scores automatically as you continue playing. The score will be displayed at the top section of the interface to help you know if you are progressing or not.

Your device does not have to be connected to the internet to play the game. However, your scores will be synchronized with that of other users when you are online.

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Best Features of 2048 App Review

One of the best features that give this 2048 game app an upper hand is the smart interface. It clearly displays all the doges to help you make the right moves. To provide a perfect gaming experience, the developers worked hard to come up with engaging graphics that will help you concentrate on the game until the end.

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Another major feature is the scoreboard. To help you know your progress, strength, and weakness, the app is designed to record your performance and compare them with the best scores in the Leaderboards. It's a good idea to check out this page and get inspired to continue playing. Note that the list is updated on a daily basis to ensure that it is accurate.

The developers have also added a number of challenging modes that you can try out to test your skills and capabilities. You can also play the classic game with the Xmas tile set at any time. 

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2048 - Doge Version


Pros & Cons


  • Smart graphics to help you concentrate on the game
  • No internet connection is required
  • You can play the game from anywhere in the world
  • Multiple game playing modes
  • Records scores in real time


  • It is not possible to share the scores with friends through Social Media

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Final Thoughts

2048 Doge Version is a fun, addictive and silly puzzle game that will put your mental skills to the test or at the very least kill some time. It is very easy to play, but you need to master the art of matching the doges to get high scores.

2048 - Doge Version

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