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Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes app review: newest super hero in town



Most comic and sci-fi movies are based on characters who have super powers. Gone are the days when you had to purchase movies to enjoy the spectacular powers that these characters have. Warner Bros. has developed a game called Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes that is tailored to give you the powers to run a virtual city like a super hero. Currently the default language is English and it is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.

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Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes


How to Play the Game

Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes will make you the most feared and superior super hero in town. Your role is to save the powerful stolen crystals using your capabilities. In the process, you will have to battle some of the most famous villains in this city such as The Penguin, The Joker, The Riddle, and Mr. Freeze. The battles are very sophisticated so you need to make calculated moves or else you will lose the battle. No need to worry if one of the villains attempts to throw you off the build as you can use the dynamic bat grappling gun to swing to the next building.

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If you succeed in recovering the crystals the app will automatically upgrade your gear to enable you fight and exterminate the villains more successfully in all your future battles. To move from one part of the city to another, you just need to tilt your phone to the left or right depending on the direction that you want to go. You will need to shoot down some of the villains to kill them by taping the screen. You can also swipe to glide as the game processes. 

Best Features

Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes is no doubt a great game that you should consider downloading. One of the attributes that give it an upper-hand in the market is the interface. It is very easy to navigate and very responsive. This way you will be able to make accurate and fast movements on the fly.

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As you progress, you will be upgraded to higher levels where you will gain powerful glides, batarangs, and crystal magnets to help you recover the crystals successfully. As mentioned earlier, the app will automatically record your performance and switch to the next gaming level once you reach the set milestones or targets.

You will come across a number of ads. Nevertheless, you can easily deactivate them by purchasing any of the crystal packages from the in-app purchase.

Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful graphics and background that offers the best gaming experience
  • No Internet connection is required
  • Have many gaming levels to test your super powers


  • You will get ads, but you can deactivate them by purchasing one of the packages in the in-app store

Final Thoughts

Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes is a fun app that you can use to fight villains like a super hero. The game is generally easy, fun, and addictive. 


Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes

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