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NinJump app review: mercenary madness



As every good Ninja knows, part of your training is jumping. This little Ninja warrior is a jumping master. Your job is to assume his Ninja identity and help him jump his way higher and higher. The higher he goes, the more the danger he is in.  Obstacles appear out of nowhere: crazy possessed opponents trying to knock you off the walls. You slash at opponents and take cover under shields, all just trying to reach the top.

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Rise to the Challenge

As a stealthy ninja, you will be required to not only jump from wall to wall without losing your footing, but also rise above and defeat assorted attackers. Possessed squirrels, kamikaze birds, bombs, silver throwing stars, and other sneaky ninjas will be blocking your rise to the top. You must fight them off by slashing them with your sword or taking cover behind shields. No sooner do you adjust to the attacks than ledges of doom and other objects appear to hamper your progress. Fight off three of your opponents to get a rush of super ninja power. Never let your guard down, though, because as soon as you do, you will be bombed or impaled in seconds.

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Warrior Wisdom

NinJump app is chock-full of ways to make it high without losing your lives. Earn bonuses for more power and gather shields along the way that protect from attack. The shields are also an optional in-app purchase where you can buy 10 to 200! The quest of jumping higher and higher from wall to wall may sound simple but it is not. It keeps you engaged and tapping away until you fail or conquer each level. The action gets faster and more difficult and the longer you play the more you are unable to put it down. Slashing evil ninjas is not only fun but a source of bonus power. It allows you to move quicker and faster to reach your goal. And when you have hit the heights, there is a leaderboard where you can let your swag shine. A score tab keeps you informed of how far to go to be the number one ninja.



Pros and Cons


  • For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch 
  • NinJump works on older devices with i0S 5
  • NinJump app is free
  • In-app purchases to excel


  • Ad pop-ups

Ninja Notes

NinJump game has been played by over 100 million people which is a sign that this is one amazing game. It is not too tough and even a novice Ninja can handle the challenges. The addictive nature sneaks up on you and before you realize it, you are in “full Ninja” mode, finding it difficult to put down. You can challenge yourself, your friends, colleagues or the creepy guy on the subway; no matter who it is, the NinJump game will exhilarate, engage, and tap into your inner Ninja anytime and anywhere. No Dojo is needed.



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