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Offer Rewards app review: watch for points



There are many ways advertisers can get their product out on the market. With companies trying to get their apps noticed, downloaded, and used, there is an easy way.  What’s even better is how you can benefit as well.  Offer Rewards is a site that has videos that app creators have put together.  All you do is watch and get rewarded.

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Offer Rewards


Simple and Profitable

This could not be a simpler way for you to gain without any other effort than moving your finger.  Download Offer Rewards app and sit back and get comfortable.  You will watch a video about an app.  When the video is finished, you collect reward points.  Watch a few more and soon you have a nice stockpile of reward points.  This is where the fun is: redeeming them.  There are a bunch of different companies you can redeem your points with, like PayPal, Sephora, iTunes, Zynga and many others.  These points either get you coupons for cash off, products, or other special services.

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It’s Just That Easy

Offer Rewards name says it all: watch the offer and get rewards.  The app is free and using the app is free.  The more videos you watch, the more rewards you get.  You can trade in your points for a code to enter online on websites for free items (things like PlayStation and Xbox, not too shabby!  These aren’t things you wouldn’t want yourself;  no crappy vase with a company logo or set of pens and pencils stamped with Offer Rewards.  You'll get really excellent things that you choose because it’s totally up to you.  People make a habit of watching and really rack up the points.  Is it a way to pay your bills?  Possibly, redeeming through PayPal, but most likely it would not qualify as a second job.  What it will do, though, is cut the cost of merchandise and items that you would normally have to pay full price for.

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Offer Rewards


Pros and Cons


  • For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch 
  • Big name stores to redeem points/codes at
  • Free and easy to use
  • Money Saving


  • Redemption amounts too high: have to use too many codes to get one thing
  • Glitch: no code-redeeming option
  • Connection to Internet issues with i0S 7 and up
  • Not able to redeem to PayPal: system glitch?
  • No way to share with friends
  • Same corporation that makes AppTrailers  

Pick Your Prize

Even with reports of glitches, the majority of the reviews are satisfied and give 5 star reviews.  Quick to download and easy to pull up and watch during that train commute or when you get some down time at home.  Either way, the more you watch, the more you gain.  This may go against every principle you were taught growing up but this time the naysayers are wrong.  While watching the videos you may just come across an app or two that interests you so it’s a win-win for everyone.


Offer Rewards

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