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Memory Matches 2 app review: sharpens your memory with challenging match-two games



Memory Matches 2 offers challenging card matching games that will test the sharpness of your memory. It offers thousands of card varieties with different game formats such as 4x4 boards, 7x7 boards, and 10x10 boards. It allows multi-player tournaments and offers global leaderboard competitions. Developed by Lumate LLC, this card games app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Memory Matches 2


Enjoy Hours of Card Matching Games with Your Friends

Memory Matches 2 takes the classic card matching game to your iOS device. The rules of the game remain the same: you have to find two matching cards in the fastest possible time.

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The app is available for free with several in-app purchase options. This version is ad-supported but you can remove the pop-up ads by purchasing the no-ad version.

The app is simple enough with easy to use layout. In fact, some parents use this app to help children with special needs. That’s because card matching games can enhance the ability of children to concentrate. These games can also sharpen the cognitive retention of an individual.

To get started with Memory Matches 2, just load it from the widget. The app opens a home screen with access to game modes, options, and card themes. You can start with the easy mode by selecting the single player (4x4) board. The game board opens and it is just a matter of tapping two cards to hit a match. You get extra points for fastest time and highest accuracy.

If you want to play with friends, then select the multiplayer mode. The app supports up to five players at a time. The multi-player mode offers a turn-based format and everyone will have a chance to solve their own match-two puzzle. The player who finishes a board first wins the game.

Enjoy Hours of Card Matching Games with Your Friends image

Best Features of Memory Matches 2

Memory Matches 2 offers more than 1,000 card themes in full color. It allows you to select from hundreds of built-in cards while some themes are available as in-app purchase. Some of the most popular card themes in this app include cars, people, holidays, animals, and everyday objects.

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This game offers different board format. The default format for iPhone and iPod touch is the 4x4 board. However, you can increase the level of difficulty by choosing the 7x7 board. Large screen devices such as the iPad can support the 10x10 board.

The app allows single-player and multi-player games. You can challenge yourself in single-player mode or compete with other online players through the global leaderboard. You can also play offline with up to five friends in a challenging turn-based competition.

Best Features of Memory Matches 2 image

Memory Matches 2


Pros and Cons


  • Offers more than 1,000 full-color card themes
  • Offers more than 100 challenging levels
  • Allows you to compete in the global leaderboard
  • With multi-player option for offline play
  • Supports different board sizes
  • Offers ranking for fastest time, accuracy, and completion percentage


  • With intrusive pop-up and video ads

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Memory Matches 2 offers challenging card matching games for all ages. The app can help sharpen your memory and improve your ability to focus. It offers colorful cards with impressive graphics. This is a must-have iPad and iPhone card game app for the whole family.

Memory Matches 2

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