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Triggertrap Mobile app review: transform your iOS device into a professional camera remote



With all the people running around with smartphones these days just about everyone thinks of themselves as an amateur photographer. Our smartphones have become the one tool we take with us and use for always everything. They’re our calendar, our contacts organizer, our entertainment system, our personal computer, and our camera. They do all of these things quite well, but they still have their limitations and if you take photography seriously you more than likely still have a real camera. If this describes you then you still may want to pull out your iOS device to take pictures, that is, if you have the Triggertrap Mobile app. This is quite simply the best remote you’ll ever own for your camera. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Triggertrap Mobile: the ultimate camera remote


Take the Perfect Picture

Taking professional-quality photographs still requires something a little more powerful than your iOS device. These devices simply don’t have the resolution that you’ll find in professional quality photographs. How would you feel if your wedding photographer used their iPhone to take your pictures? I’m guessing you wouldn’t be too comfortable with this. If on the other hand they were using their device as remote to allow them to better control their camera you’d probably think it was pretty cool. This is what Triggertrap Mobile was designed to do. This app turns your device into a versatile remote that can allow you to take pictures in a whole host of interesting ways.

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The biggest drawback with Triggertrap Mobile app is probably pretty obvious: it doesn’t work if you don’t have an external camera to hook it up to, and if you don’t have the custom dongle you need to hook your camera up to your device.  This app simply turns your device into an extension of your camera and that’s it. What it does have is a great introductory walkthrough that will take you through the process of hooking up your camera to your iOS device. The Triggertrap Mobile app will require 14.9 MB of available space.

How it Works

Once you have the dongle hooked up to your device and you’re ready to get started it’s a pretty simple process. Along the left-hand side of the app you’ll see of all of the remote options. It’s actually pretty exciting how many different possible ways you can use the Triggertrap Mobile remote to activate your camera. You can take pictures with a traditional cable release, you can use a sound trigger such as clapping, and you can use a vibration sensor, just to name a few.

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The other great thing about this remote is that it’s compatible with the new Apple Watch as well: you can take pictures with a tap on your watch. It’s also Wi-Fi-compatible since they’ve thought of just about every possible way you can trigger a camera remotely with this app. It’s nothing short of ground-breaking.

Triggertrap Mobile: the ultimate camera remote


Pros and Cons


  • Turns your iOS device into a remote for your camera
  • Includes great introductory walkthrough
  • Numerous different remote trigger options
  • Works with Apple Watch and Wi-Fi as well
  • No ads


  • App will not work without the dongle to connect it with your camera

Final Words

If you’re the type of person who still believes smartphones and tablets can’t properly replace a professional camera, you still may want to consider using the Triggertrap Mobile app to turn your iOS device into a fantastic remote for your camera. This app can turn your device into the most versatile camera remote on the market in conjunction with the custom Triggertrap Mobile dongle. Any serious camera enthusiast should give this one a try. 


Triggertrap Mobile: the ultimate camera remote

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