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Staples app review: shopping on the go made easier 2021



Staples is the official shopping app of Staples Inc. This iPhone shopping app offers daily deals, product reviews, and a full-featured online marketplace. It allows you to buy products offered on Staples.

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And the best part is that this good shopping app for iPhone and iPad users supports Apple Pay so you can safely pay for your purchases directly from your mobile device. For more information about this app, keep reading our Staples app review below.

Staples - Shopping Made Easy! Home, Office & More


Offering Greater Convenience for Shoppers

Staples Inc. is one of the largest office supply chain stores in the United States. It has more than 2,000 stores in 26 countries across the world. It follows the hybrid market distribution model where consumers can buy products online and they have the option to pick up their purchases from a local store.

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If you regularly buy supplies or technology products from Staples, you will be delighted to know that the company is now offering an official app for iOS devices. The Staples app offers advanced features that make mobile shopping more convenient.

The app is available for free on the App Store. After completing the installation, you can immediately load the home screen to see the store’s daily deals. To sign-in to your Staples account, just swipe up the screen to open the log-in page.

The Staples app allows you to browse all in-store and online products from the shopping cart screen. It allows you to buy products from your mobile device and pay for them using Apple Pay. It also allows you to scan your credit card for fast and easy payment.

Staples app is professionally designed and very intuitive. It has a good layout and it is easy to use. You can even add another layer of security for your Staples account by using Touch ID.

Offering Greater Convenience for Shoppers image

Best Features of Staples App

The Staples app offers a rich collection of daily deals. It features heavily discounted products right on the home screen. This section is regularly updated so you can get the best prices for selected products.

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The app offers a fully functional online marketplace. It displays product pages with reviews, descriptions, price details, and buy button. It allows you to checkout and pay for any listed product using credit card or Apple Pay.

If you are planning to pick up products from a local store, you can use the app’s built-in store locator. It allows you to order an item using your mobile device and you have the option to personally pick it up from any nearby Staples store.

Another great feature of the app is the addition of Passbook. You can now save your rewards in your Passbook so you can easily redeem them whenever you buy something from a local Staples store.

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Staples - Shopping Made Easy! Home, Office & More


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with good layout.
  • Supports Apple Pay.
  • Offers updated daily deals.
  • Allows you to order products from your device.
  • Offers comprehensive product pages.
  • Supports Passbook feature.
  • Allows you to scan and save Staples Rewards.


  • Lacks advanced filters for product search.

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Final Thoughts

The Staples app is one of the best mobile shopping applications on the App Store. It's a fully functional marketplace where you can buy products from your iOS device. If you are a regular customer of Staples, then this is a recommended app for you.

Staples - Shopping Made Easy! Home, Office & More

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