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Galactic Space Wars Strategy 3D app review: fight epic space battles to free your galaxy



Galactic Space Wars Strategy 3D is a space strategy game that allows you to build powerful spaceships for battle. It combines different genres including turn-based gaming, 3D warfare MMO, space strategy, and with a hint of tactical card game. The game is not particularly complex but it offers deep gameplay with exciting player-vs-player battles, leveling up, and multiplayer collaboration. Developed by Barbily Game, the app works best on you iPhone and iPad.

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Galactic Space Wars Strategy 3D - Epic Star Fleet Game - Fight Tactical Battle to Free Your Galaxy!


Build Formidable Battleship and Win the Space War

Galactic Space Wars Strategy offers a peculiar storyline. It takes place in an imaginary galaxy populated by Terran species represented by talking pigs and other animals. Their galaxy has been invaded by terrible creatures and it is your task to build an armada of warships to defeat the enemies.

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The storyline simply sets the context why you have to build and upgrade spaceships. After this, it becomes a free for all game where you can do tactical battles with anyone whether AI or human; collaborate with others; or simply explore space sectors to pick up items.

When you start this game, you will be required to register an account. It will then put you in a long walkthrough that teaches you the basics including how to upgrade ships, ways to accumulate resources, and how to engage in tactical battles.

The game uses a mission-based format. You will earn credits and resources by completing missions. Along the way, you can engage some AIs in tactical battles while continuously upgrading your ship with more weapon systems, defensive armors, and other war essentials.

There is an in-game chat system which you can use to interact and collaborate with other players. They could hire you as a mercenary and you will be paid for your services.

Overall, Galactic Space Wars Strategy 3D is a good game of strategy. It is easy but it offers deep gameplay that you can enjoy for many months.

Best Features of Galactic Space Wars Strategy 3D

Galactic Space Wars Strategy offers a rich collection of powerful battleships. Each battleship can be customized with several weapons upgrades. Each weapon, on the other hand, can also be upgraded to make it more powerful.

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The game allows you to build a fleet of ships. As long as you have enough resources and credits, you can buy more ships to add to your armada.

There are two types of battles in this game. You can fight AI aliens in continuous skirmishes or you can challenge other players in a tactical battle. Actual battles are set in a 3D environment and they follow the turn-based format.

And lastly, the game allows you to unlock more weapons and new levels based on experience points that you have accumulated. This is an evolving game and you can play as long as you want.

Galactic Space Wars Strategy 3D - Epic Star Fleet Game - Fight Tactical Battle to Free Your Galaxy!


Pros & Cons


  • Offers 3D battles.
  • Offers amazing battleships.
  • Allows you to maintain a fleet.
  • Offers in-game credits and rewards.
  • With PvP battles.
  • Allows multiplayer collaboration.


  • Needs to improve the graphics.
  • Gameplay can be grinding at initial levels.

Final Thoughts

Galactic Space Wars Strategy 3D is a decent space war strategy game. It offers a good storyline, customizations, and deep gameplay. If you love space wars, then this is a good game for you.


Galactic Space Wars Strategy 3D - Epic Star Fleet Game - Fight Tactical Battle to Free Your Galaxy!

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