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VPN Unlimited app review: offering unlimited bandwidth on multiple connections 2021



VPN Unlimited is a cross-platform VPN client that allows you to browse the web anonymously. It offers dozens of proxy servers located in countries that have the most open access to the internet. This iPhone VPN app offers unlimited traffic bandwidth across multiple devices.

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The service allows you to use your account on multiple devices and it even supports different operating systems. Developed by Keep Solid, this vpn app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Keep reading our VPN Unlimited app review to learn more about this top VPN app for iPhone and iPad users.

VPN Unlimited - Fast & Private


Enjoy Faster Unlimited Connections with VPN Unlimited

If you want a secure and private connection when browsing the web, then you should give VPN Unlimited a serious look. This is a virtual private network service that offers unlimited traffic bandwidth for multiple devices.

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VPNs are typically used for anonymous web browsing. It hides your IP address and it uses a proxy server so you can enjoy unrestricted private access to any website.

Such networks are not known for their security features. But with VPN Unlimited, the data that passes through the private network is encrypted. So even if you are browsing the web from a public Wifi hotspot, the app will ensure that no private data will be visible to data thieves.

VPN Unlimited’s client program can be downloaded for free on the App Store. It gives you unlimited access and full service for 10 days as trial period. After the trial, you can continue using the private networks by purchasing a regular subscription.

The app allows you to create an account which you can use on any device. After creating an account, it will instantly encrypt whatever data you send from your device. You also get full access to the app’s 24 servers and you can change your virtual location anytime you want.

Enjoy Faster Unlimited Connections with VPN Unlimited image

Best Features of VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited offers excellent encryption using 256bit IPsec security protocol. It can encrypt your communications with other servers and provides secure connection to social networking sites, email, instant messaging service, and many more.

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It does not maintain an activity log so no one will be able to read even the metadata of your internet activities.

Anonymous browsing is the core feature of this app. It allows you to hide your real IP address and use other IPs for masking. It uses 100 servers from 19 countries.

Through anonymous browsing, VPN Unlimited allows you to bypass any restriction imposed by some websites and even your own internet service provider’s blacklist. So if you cannot access certain content from a blocked network or country, simply use the app to bypass this restriction.

And lastly, VPN Unlimited offers unlimited traffic bandwidth from any site. It gives you fast and complete access to all web servers including P2P sharing networks and restricted steaming sites.

Best Features of VPN Unlimited image

VPN Unlimited - Fast & Private


Pros and Cons


  • Offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Allows multiple devices
  • Offers the latest security encryption
  • Allows you to bypass restricted content and websites
  • Offers dozens of secured servers from more than 16 countries


  • Lacks free service
  • Limited customer support channels

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

VPN Unlimited is a trusted virtual private network client that offers unlimited browsing. It supports end-to-end encryption and offers dozens of proxy servers from around the world. If you want to keep your browsing activities private, then this might be the best vpn iPad and iPhone app for you.

VPN Unlimited - Fast & Private

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