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Hoopmetrics app review: the perfect companion app for the high school basketball coach 2021



Hoopmetrics by 6th Man Apps LLC is a great iPhone sports app for helping the high school basketball coach get the most out of the team’s development without having to worry about a limited budget.

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Let’s face it, a high school coach doesn’t have anywhere near the resources available to them of a college or professional coach. This sports app allows them to access some of the same great tools that these higher level coaches use to develop their teams at a price that fits into the budget of most small programs.  

Is this really a good iPhone sports app? Keep reading our Hoopmetrics app review to find out.

HoopMetrics | Basketball Scorebook & Stat Keeper


Manage Your Basketball Team Like a Pro

Finding a great app to help you manage and develop a high school, or even a grade school, basketball team is not as easy as you may think.

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There are a few apps that give you access to boards you can use for drawing up diagrams of plays, but there aren’t really any that help you analyze the different aspects of your teams performance. Hoopmetrics is an app designed to change all that.

With this app you can track every game score, and analyze things like turnovers and rebound ratios all within this one comprehensive app.

There are a couple of issues that subtract from the overall appeal of Hoopmetrics. It doesn’t include a comprehensive set of instructions, and with all of the different statistics that can be tracked from within this app this is a major oversight. It also isn’t really free.

The free version is actually a two week trial version for a coach to see if it fits their needs – a one month subscription is $6.99 and a yearly subscription will set you back $49.99.

This is still quite reasonably priced for most school budgets and may well be worthwhile investing in. Hoopmetrics will require at least 31.2 Mb of available space on your iOS device.

Manage Your Basketball Team Like a Pro image

The Essentials

Hoopmetrics is probably the most detailed analytic tool available for any high school basketball coach. There are so many tools available to a coach using this app that it will involve a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of how it works your team will definitely benefit from everything you can learn.

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With Hoopmetrics you enter every single stat about not just your own team, but every team in your league. This will allow you to quickly compare how your team does against certain other teams, so that you can quickly track the strengths and weaknesses of your team and those of your opponents.

Adding a team to your league is simple - just tap on "add" and enter your teams details including your team colors, and your entire roster. Once you have all the teams entered you can simply tap on new game and as a player makes a play record the information as the game progresses.

The app also include a clock so that you can record accurately when a play is made – if it happens on the court, you can record it at the same time in the app.

When the game is complete all the stats you’ve recorded will be compiled for you so that you can analyze them and make adjustments to your game plan as needed going forward. If it’s in the game, it’s in this app. 

The Essentials image

HoopMetrics | Basketball Scorebook & Stat Keeper


Pros and Cons


  • Create complete lists of teams in your league including accurate rosters
  • Each time can be assigned the appropriate team colors
  • Information is entered in real time as the game progresses
  • Once the game is completed all of the information you’ve entered is compiled for analysis


  • Free version is only a two week trial
  • A one year subscription is $49.99
  • No comprehensive instructions

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you’re a high school or grade school basketball coach an you want access to the advance analytic tools normally reserved for college or pro teams then you’ll want to give Hoopmetrics a try.

This is a comprehensive app that allows you recall all game statistics in real time for analysis later. The free version includes a two week trial, but you will have to sign up for a paid subscription to continue using the app after that. 

HoopMetrics | Basketball Scorebook & Stat Keeper

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