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Stack Heroes - The Limitless Tower Challenge app review: a fun and addictive stacking game



Stack Heroes – The Limitless Tower Challenge by Callipix is a fun and addictive stacking game that will keep you on your toes the entire time. You’ll need to think about each move quickly as you don’t have a lot of time to think about how you want to stack your bricks to keep your tower climbing. This is the kind of mindless fun that we all enjoy from time to time. There’s nothing like an addictive little game app to help you distress from a hard day at work – think Jenga meets Tetris and you might be in the ballpark. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Stack Heroes


Keep Stacking to Stay Alive

Games don’t have to be complicated to be a lot of fun – in fact the simplest games are often the most successful. Games like Tetris, Breakout, and Mahjong all have simple rules but they’re still highly addictive to play. They’re the kind of games you just don’t want to walk away from and Stack Heroes – The Limitless Tower Challenge is based on the same sort of principles. The principle is simple – you just stack some blocks, but it’s amazing how much fun such a simple concept can be.

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This game does feature ads after every completed game which is a little bit annoying although they are easily closed. They are full page ads so you will have to look at them before you can continue. The ads can be removed with an in-app purchase. This in-app purchase also unlocks three worlds that aren’t available in the free version. On the positive side the app features full Game Center integration so you can easily compare your score against the scores of others around the world. This app will require 29.3 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How to Play

To get started you have to select a world to try first and each one offers their own unique set of challenges. Some are just straightforward platforms that you can place your blocks on, but others place obstacles in your way that make it more difficult to stack your blocks successfully. There are eight different worlds to choose from, but only five are unlocked when you begin. You can either unlock these by achieving certain levels in another world, or through in-app purchase as mentioned above.

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Gameplay is pretty simple – as blocks fall from the top of the screen you have to move them to place them strategically on your existing stack of blocks. Blocks can be moved by tapping on the right or left side of the screen. The key is to try and keep the blocks as flat as possible, because as soon as the start building at odd angles you’ll have a tough time preventing your tower from tipping. It really is quite simple to play, but it’s also extremely challenging to do well. 

Stack Heroes


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play
  • Fun and addictive
  • Eight different worlds to choose from
  • Game Center integration


  • Includes ads
  • Has in-app purchases

Final Words

Stack Heroes – The Limitless Tower Challenge is an addictive and fun stacking game that will appeal to anyone that likes a challenge. It’s easy to play, but not easy to complete. This one’s definitely worth a try. 


Stack Heroes

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