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Blocky Cars - My Cars My Rules app review: a retro style battle vehicle shooter game 2021



Blocky Cars game is a unique multiplayer shooting game with a retro feel to it. If you love that 80’s style pixilated 3D graphic rendering technology then this Blocky Cars multiplayer app will be right up your alley.

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In Blocky Cars – My Cars My Rules you control a battlefield vehicle over rolling desert landscapes while trying to outrun your live online opponents. With several different game choices you won’t be short on options.

This is a decent game, but the action does tend to lag at times which prevents it from being the best shooting game app for iPhone in my opinion. But, you might disagree. So, check out our Blocky Cars app review for more details. 

Blocky Cars Online (3D pocket edition)


Battle Online Opponents

Multiplayer shooter games come in all kinds of different forms and Blocky Cars – My Cars My Rules is certainly another unique entry in this category. 

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In a good shooting game you’d expect expansive worlds to explore, fast paced action, and of course lots of shooting and you’ll find most of what you’re looking for in this one – with the exception of the fast pace. But, I guess this game's pace is more appropriate for the overall block style. 

The movement through the landscape is quite fluid and makes this app much more appealing overall. Unfortunately, you’ll have to contend with full page video ads after every game, no real instruction guide, and there are in-app purchases as well. This app will require 95.3 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Battle Online Opponents  image

How to Play

When you open the app you’ll begin with your garage – if you’ve gathered enough coins you can upgrade your vehicles or make repairs as necessary. When you’re ready to start playing there are a few different game options you can choose from: race mode, team battle, deathmatch, and test car. 

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What this game does have going for is it’s retro style graphics – if you’re old enough to remember Microsoft Flight Simulator this game will remind you of that classic game.

The vehicles are, as the name of the game suggests, block like – in fact they kind of remind you of Lego toys. The landscapes offer constantly changing views with different block style buildings and obstacles in your way. They're enjoyable to look at. 

To control your vehicle there is a joystick type controller in the bottom left corner and you simply slide your thumb over it to control the direction. This actually works pretty well. As far as weapons are concerned, there’s a missile icon in the bottom right corner and you just tap and hold on this to fire in a continuous burst – again this works very well. It’s a game that looks like it should be a hit.

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Blocky Cars Online (3D pocket edition)


Pros and Cons


  • Retro style graphics
  • Rolling landscapes
  • Good game controls
  • Hours of fun


  • Contains in-app purchases
  • Features full page video ads
  • Inadequate instructions

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Blocky Cars – My Cars My Rules is a retro style multi-person shooter game featuring block style graphics and rolling landscapes. It provides hours of fun with plenty of gaming action. The pace might be too slow for some, but the charming retro graphics more than make up for it. 

Blocky Cars Online (3D pocket edition)

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