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Timeline Trip London app review: a unique look at the city's history



Do you have a trip planned for London, or maybe it's just a city you've always had an interest in? The Timeline Trip London for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad takes a look at the city like you've never seen before. This one is not your typical tourist guide instead you'll find unique and interesting facts about the city's history. The content has all been written by official city tour guides who were anxious to share their overwhelming knowledge and passion for the city. 

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Timeline Trip London


Brush Up on Little Known Facts

While people may be aware of all the basics about London, finding those little known facts about its’ history can be a bit tough. That’s exactly why the Timeline Trip London app was developed. The idea is that you'll be able to travel back in time with the app and learn what happened in the city during those times. The app will use your GPS so that you can actually walk right on top of the old maps of the city, giving tourists and residents a very different view of the city. As you walk within the old maps you'll get a chance to learn about historic stories, characters/people, legends, secrets, and the famous eras of The Great Fire, the Tudors, XXI century London, World War II, and the Victorian Era.

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The app is a relatively new release so with that said it doesn't have any updates, a customer rating, or customer comments as of yet. The app is free to download and from there you can purchase individual maps for $1.99 each or all of them for $5.99. This one requires iOS 8.0 or higher to use.

Taking a Closer Look

The Timeline Trip London app is all about taking a closer a look, a look that you've probably never seen of the city. There are over 600 illustrations within the app, all kinds of stories, and it is organized into years and categories to make the user experience smooth. You can adjust the transparency of the maps, and it offers translations in Spanish and English. Make use of the filters to narrow down the results into people, historical facts, legends and ancestors, and buildings. You can also opt to show only new points and street names. You’ll suddenly become an expert in your own right when it comes to London and its rather deep history.

Timeline Trip London


Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly and is divided into years and categories
  • There are filters to apply
  • View where you are on the old maps thanks to GPS
  • Adjust the transparency of the map
  • There are more than 600 illustrations contained in the app
  • The content is written by official tour guides


  • Not all the content is free

Final Thoughts

The Timeline Trip London app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a must-have app for any history buff or someone who is traveling to the city and wants to experience it in a unique and engaging way.


Timeline Trip London

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