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Heavy Headlines app review: get your heavy metal news 2021



Here's an iPhone heavy metal app that offers a very specialized service and that's to provide users with a place to get all their heavy metal news.

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The Heavy Headlines app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been created for metalheads as a way to quickly find the latest news in the industry, get concert listings and tickets, find out about album releases, and more.

This heavy metal app saves the user all kinds of time and hassle from having to seek out their information on their own. But, is it one of the best heavy metal apps for iPhone and iPad devices? Keep reading our Heavy Headlines app review to find out.

Heavy Headlines - Metal News, New Music Releases, and Concert Tickets


A One-Stop Shop

The Heavy Headlines app acts as a one-stop shop to all your heavy metal news and interests. The app takes care of all the work for you and finds the latest news in the industry.

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You can personalize the experience by creating your own "Favorite Bands" so that your feed reflects content that relates to those bands. Content is sourced from all over the world so you know you're getting a complete look at what's happening.

This one is really unique in that is deals with a particular music genre. Besides the news you can also read about what the top selling albums happen to be, new releases, and purchase the music through iTunes without having to leave the app. It should be noted that the app also supports the Apple Watch.

The app has just been updated with a few small bug fixes for a smoother performance and there was a new release reminder adjustment made. The app currently has a perfect five star rating from users who have called it "great", "the best there is", and "perfect".

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Additional Content

The Heavy Headlines app has quite a bit going on for it with lots of cool features to discover. This app offers a great way to discover what shows will be happening nearby and then you can even buy tickets for the shows.

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Each time new content is available that relates to your Favorite Bands you'll get a notification, and the content is automatically updated.

You can even personalize the experience by choosing from 20 different themes, the app syncs across all your devices, and there is a "Reader" button that you can touch for a more user-friendly way to read the story. Navigating the app is smooth and simple so you can get to the content that interests you right away.

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Heavy Headlines - Metal News, New Music Releases, and Concert Tickets


Pros and Cons


  • Customize the app by picking your Favorite Bands
  • The app automatically refreshes and notifies you of new content related to your Favorite Bands
  • Customize the look of the app with a variety of themes
  • Buy concert tickets from within the app
  • View concert listings
  • Get album release news
  • Buy albums through the app


  • There had been some small bugs, which have all been fixed

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Final Thoughts

The Heavy Headlines app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a heavy metal lovers’ dream as it provides so much variety in one simple location. The app is smooth and simple to use, and the fact users can customize it is a real bonus.

Heavy Headlines - Metal News, New Music Releases, and Concert Tickets

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