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VBall ScoreMaster app review: volleyball score keeping at its best 2021



VBall ScoreMaster by Frank Bara is a fantastic little score keeping app designed specifically for use as a volleyball scorekeeper. What makes this iPhone sports app so special is its simple and intuitive interface, along with its ease of use.

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Volleyball is one of those sports that’s fast paced and back and forth, so it can be a challenge keeping up with the action. This sports app makes scorekeeping about as simple as possible.

With VBall ScoreMaster you won’t have to worry about scoring errors, because this app makes it easy to keep up. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

For more information on the features and functions of this good iPhone app for sports, keep reading our VBall ScoreMaster app review.

VBall ScoreMaster - The Best Volleyball Scoreboard


Accurate Scoring Every Time

Volleyball may not be the most common professional sport, but for kids in school it’s one of the most popular athletic teams to try out for. It stands to reason, having a great scorekeeping app for such a popular sport would be a good idea. Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of options in the App Store.

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There are apps for basketball scorekeeping, soccer scorekeeping, and football score keeping but not too many options in the volleyball category. Fortunately, VBall ScoreMaster is the only app you’ll ever need for this purpose because it’s so well designed.

There are no ads to distract you from the task at hand in this one – just a nice clean interface with very little clutter. This app is designed as a scoreboard and it does the job very well.

If you want to share scores directly to your social media apps you will have to purchase this ability through an in-app purchase though.

The most impressive thing about this app is that it takes advantage of the strengths of iOS devices, utilizing simple swipe gestures for all the main functions of the app. This app will require 5.5 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Accurate Scoring Every Time image

The Essentials

Using VBall ScoreMaster really couldn’t be much easier. The interface features a typical volleyball style scoreboard, with the team names at the top of their respective scores. To change the team names you simply tap on the corresponding team name, type the name, and tap on done.

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Changing a team’s score is just as easy, you just swipe up on their scorecard and the total will increase in increments of one. If you added a point in error all you have to do is swipe down to subtract the point from the total. 

Another great feature of this app, is the ability to track spikes and aces. Underneath the scorecard are tracking tools for these items – you just tap on them to add a tally. To the side of each scorecard you’ll find the scores from each game displayed – you can save scores for up to four games.

When you’re ready to start a new game you simply tap on the game number located between the two scorecards. This app has all of the basic tools to easily and accurately keep track of your teams volleyball matches.

The Essentials image

VBall ScoreMaster - The Best Volleyball Scoreboard


Pros and Cons


  • No ads
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Easily track up to four games in each match
  • Accurate tracking of spikes and aces


  • Contains in-app purchases

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for the perfect app to track your team's volleyball matches then you won’t be disappointed with VBall ScoreMaster.

This app allows you to not only track the scores of each match, but it also allows you to track statistics for spikes and aces as well. This is the perfect app for keeping score at the high school volleyball game. 

VBall ScoreMaster - The Best Volleyball Scoreboard

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