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hashGAB app review: it’s time to get your parody on



Is it just me or do people have more to say than ever before? Maybe it's some big important stance they have on a social or economic issue facing the world, then again maybe they walk the line of being a comedian and just enjoy spreading their messages through laughter. If you fall into the latter category then here’s something you may want to check out. It’s an app that makes sharing your humor real easy and professional looking. The hashGAB app is taking parodies to a whole new level through the use of video.

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The hashGab app isn't meant to be taken seriously instead it's all about the fun. With this app you'll be able to create your own sleek looking MP4 videos. The app features slides so that your creations can look like a professional video meme, a news spoof, a news parody, a news report, a critique, or commentary on a news item. Your creation gets saved to your Camera Roll and from there it's up to you how you want to share it with your friends/family and the world.

hashGAB - RSS News Feed Reader & Video Parody/Meme Maker


Why hashGAB?

Typically an app that does well and creates a lot of buzz for itself is one that is offering something new, unique, or innovative. Users want to feel as though this app is cutting-edge and they are helping to start a trend themselves just by downloading it. So, does hashGAB prove to be successful in this? In a lot of ways the answer is "yes".  The app is cool, innovative, and even has a few new things going for it that help it to really grab the attention of consumers.

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One of the biggest advantages or pros about the app is the fact you can create a very sleek and professional looking video without any editing required. There’s no need to go back and pull your video apart frame by frame, wasting all kinds of time in the process. This is meant to be a quick and user-friendly way to create videos and in that sense it passes with flying colors. Another big advantage here is the fact you can share these parodies so easily. Sure, creating the video is fun but if you can't share it with others, it loses its appeal real fast. The social sharing is integrated right in the app making the process completely streamlined.

As soon as you record your parody it is on your device and ready to go. There is no need to send it to a web server run by the app instead you have control of the video. This allows for instant sharing. This shouldn’t be overlooked because this is a huge advantage.

The developer, Harley Designs & Ventures LLC, is known for its video enabled mobile solutions and business-to-business (B2B) products. Their experience really shines through, in a product that isn’t about business owners but rather individuals looking to make their own statement without any sacrifice to quality.

How It Works

So, now that we’ve hyped this one up quite a bit, the big question is how does it work? The process is very smooth and simple, meaning there is absolutely no experience with editing or even filming required. Literally this one is just ready to go from the get-go.

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First off let’s cover the specifics. You're going to need iOS 5.1.1 or later to use the app and it works with your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. Keep in mind, this one is meant for ages nine and up as there is some crude humor, mild profanity, and some adult themes.

Included in the app are 18 video slides, which are basically templates to work with. From here you can then add overlays. Right now there aren't a ton of these to choose from but the developer has plans to add "hundreds", which will allow for more creativity and fun on your part. After picking your overlay, it's time to add the text, again another opportunity to share some humor. You can record your video from within the app itself or use one of your own photos/videos in your Camera Roll. Your videos are recorded in HD, so you can expect sharp looking results.

What is really impressive is just how detailed you can get with minimal effort on your part. I was able to create a professional looking video with the CNN overlay that made it look as though I was interviewing friends of mine at an actual news event. This was done in mere minutes, and then I was able to seamlessly share it with friends. The possibilities are really quite vast with this one as you can really put your news reporting, parody, and humor to the test.

While this one is very user-friendly, if you do find yourself stumbling a bit and feeling a bit lost be sure to check out the step-by-step tutorial. 

hashGAB - RSS News Feed Reader & Video Parody/Meme Maker


Pros and Cons


  • The app records HD MP4 videos right to your device
  • Add overlays and slides to make your video look professional and sleek
  • Use it to make parodies, fake news reports, video memes, and more
  • Record from within the app and access the photos/videos in your Camera Roll
  • Add text to your video parodies
  • There is no editing required
  • The app is extremely user-friendly right from the get-go and the tutorial walks you through all the steps
  • There is no hesitation or lagging



  • The developer has made it clear that they plan to add more overlays, which is needed
  • It would be nice to see additional slides added as well
  • The user interface is simple and easy to use, but isn’t overly impressive which is an injustice to the app itself

A Fast Favorite

If you’re looking for a little fun that you can turn around and share with your friends and family the hashGAB app certainly gives you a way to do just that. This one is an unexpected offering that is both user-friendly and high-quality giving you a fun way to create your very own video parodies that you can share with the world. This one will quickly become a favorite in your list of entertainment-based apps.

hashGAB - RSS News Feed Reader & Video Parody/Meme Maker

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