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WhoNow app review: the social media app for your dating life



The dating world has changed a lot in the last decade or so. Dating in the 90's was a frightening experience for many as it meant trying to read the signals of a person on the other side of the bar – there were no smart phones with social meeting apps to help you navigate the pitfalls of the dating world. These days things have changed, some would say for the better and others aren’t convinced. The one thing that is a certainty is that it’s difficult these days keeping our dating lives a secret when everybody has easy access to our social media feeds. WhoNow was created as a tool for you to seek the advice of your close friends on your dating life without broadcasting it to the world. They really focus on maintaining your anonymity. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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The Developers Story

The story behind WhoNow is an interesting one – it was created by a company out of Miami, Florida, as a way for people to gain feedback from people they trust about their dating habits. CEO Austin Cohen really believes that having private and secure feedback from your closest friends is an invaluable tool in your dating arsenal. The problem as he sees it, is that apps like Facebook just aren’t adequate to do the job. When you post on a site like this, you’re advertising your personal life to the entire world, from men in America to Russian girls.

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The other thing that the company suggests that the app is good for is to help prevent awkward situations. If for example you’re considering texting an ex-girlfriend of someone you’re currently dating and you’re not sure if that is a good idea you can post it as a question on the app to your friends and get their feedback quickly. It’s a great way to avoid some embarrassing situations and it’s this type of situation that the app’s creators are really trying to help you avoid.

This is a new app as it really only kicked off at the beginning of 2015, but it’s grown exponentially since its early days. Perhaps, the reason for its success so far has something to do with the diverse experiences of its CEO and founder Austin Cohen. He’s a colorful character with a background in finance, but he also spent a couple of years as a DJ in Miami’s hot club scene. These unique experiences have given him the background and insight to create an app like this.

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Get Dating Advice from People You Trust

The list of dating apps available in the App Store is virtually endless. We’ve all heard of the popular ones such as Tinder,, POF, and OkCupid to name a few. All of these are great dating apps that can help you meet new and interesting people, but they’re not designed to provide you with a platform to get good advice for your dating life – this is the main difference between these apps and WhoNow. It provides a unique service which people that are actively dating can use to find valuable advice.

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If you haven’t been hiding under a rock and you’re familiar with social media apps, this app won’t present too many problems for you. It’s got a familiar social media feed and a simple navigation bar at the bottom that allows you to access all of the app's features. There are no ads to contend with or in-app purchases. In fact, this app has a simple, clean interface that focuses on the app's main functions and nothing else. This app will require 67.8 MB of available space on your iOS device.

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What Now with WhoNow?

Getting started with this app is very similar to any other regular dating app. You’ll first have to create a profile and you can do this by either using your existing Facebook account or by creating an account from scratch using your email address as a starting point. If you do choose to use your email to set up your account, a confirmation code is sent to your cell phone and you need to enter this code before you can begin using the app. It’s a pretty straightforward process and only takes about a minute or two.

The app itself is really divided into two main functions. There is your main forum, which is where you can post your dating history to share with your actual friends and there’s also an anonymous area where you can seek advice from anybody that uses the app, or help them with their own dating issues.

The main forum where you interact with your own personal friends is probably where you’ll spend most of your time and you can access this by tapping on the feed icon in the bottom navigation bar. The best way to take advantage of this though is to first add a relationship that you’re either currently in, or one that has recently ended for whatever reason. To add a relationship, you can simply tap on the new icon also located in the bottom navigation bar, enter the name of the person that you were dating, and add a photo as well if you like. Your friends can then leave their own feedback and you can also directly seek advice from them as well.

The anonymous section can be quite interesting. You can access this section by tapping on the hotline icon also on the bottom navigation bar and once you do this, you’ll see a familiar type of social media feed with comments and questions left by other members. If you wish to leave your own comment or question you can simply tap on the plus icon in the navigation bar to set up a query. It’s a very intuitive process and it can also be a lot of fun. Not only can you leave comments, but you can also give your opinion through the use of various emoticons.

What Now with WhoNow? image

Pros and Cons


  • Provides a dating advice forum
  • Protects your privacy by only allowing those you choose to see who you are
  • Includes an anonymous Hotline where you can interact with any user
  • Uses a familiar social media platform
  • Has a simple navigation bar
  • Sign up is quick and easy


  • You will have to provide your cell number for a verification code

Our Final Thoughts

WhoNow is a unique app that provides a forum for advice on your dating life. What makes this app so unique is that it’s not intended at all as an actual dating app – it’s simply a place where you can get advice from friends or anyone anonymously if you prefer. It’s a free service and definitely worthwhile for anyone that’s struggling to navigate the tricky waters of the dating world.


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