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Point Of Sale by Kounta app review: a versatile point-of-sale system for your iOS device 2021



In today’s world, we have a lot more options for how we sell our products both online and off. In the past we relied on bulky cash registers with limited functionality and we paid a lot of money for them.

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Today, there are powerful options available to us that allow us to expand the products and services we sell and the type of payment methods we can accept. Now, there’s even an iPhone online store app that can act as a fully functioning point of sale system – Point Of Sale by Kounta.

This is a powerful online store app that can easily turn your iOS device into a great point of sale system. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Keep reading our Point Of Sale by Kounta app review to see if this is one of the best online store apps for iPhone and iPad users.

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POS | Point of Sale by Kounta - Bar, Cafe, Retail


The Point of Kounta

Point Of Sale by Kounta was created by a company of the same name based in Sydney, Australia. They began life as an Internet-based startup back in 2011 concentrating primarily on the Australian market.

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In 2015, they took their system to the next level by expanding into the United States. They now offer a great point of sale option across North America, Europe and Australia.

When the company’s founder and CEO Nick Cloete started his dream back in 2011 he recognized that point of sale systems that were in existence at the time were outdated and based on antiquated technology.

They couldn’t support new payment methods such as PayPal and they didn’t provide a way to create a customer profile database. His goal was to create a system that was fully in tune with the modern technology and the demands of today’s consumers – that’s how Point Of Sale by Kounta was born.

Another clear goal of Cloete was to provide merchants with a more affordable option to traditional methods. Traditional point of sale systems can cost as much as $10,000, but with this app you can have a more powerful system for under $1000 – all you need is the app, an iPad, and a printer. Of course, you will need a cash drawer to store all the money you’re making as well.

The Point of Kounta image

Start Selling Today

Surprisingly there are quite a few different point of sale apps within the App Store to choose from, but for the most part these are minimalistic in nature. They offer a basic sales functionality without a whole lot of different options to choose from and that’s what really separates Kounta from the competition.

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It’s a powerful app that turns your iPad into a comprehensive point of sale system that allows you to perform customer transactions for cash, credit, or even PayPal – it’s also a fully integrated information management system.

With this system each sale is more than just a transaction with a customer it’s an opportunity to build a relationship with that customer going forward.

Kounta is a completely free app, but if you wish to really take advantage of the powerful tools available to you you’ll need to upgrade to a subscription service which starts at about $50 per month. There is a light version but it’s very limited in nature.

If there’s one issue you may come across with this system is that it’s quite complex and will require a significant learning curve – fortunately they also include video tutorials on every aspect of the system to ease the transition. This app will require 76 MB of available space in your iOS device.

Start Selling Today image

POS | Point of Sale by Kounta - Bar, Cafe, Retail


The Anatomy of the App

Before you can begin using this POS system you’ll have to first sign up with an account and you can do this by entering some basic information such as your name, company name, email address, and phone number.

During the sign up process they also ask you some basic questions such as the nature of your business and what you intend to use the system for.

As we’ve already alluded to this is a complex system and will require some serious dedication in time if you’re going to take advantage of its full potential. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthwhile as it’s a great system that leaves very little to chance.

The app allows you to add any product you sell along with any add-ons for that product which you may offer as an extra service to its database. The amount of detail you enter is really up to you and you have the ability to add to your product line at any time in the future.

Each time you initiate a transaction with a customer you have the ability to add that customer to your existing database for future reference.

This is a great feature for repeat customers as it allows you find details about what they’ve ordered in the past so that you can make suggestions for items they may also like to try. Essentially, you’re adding to each customer’s database every time you perform a transaction.

The great thing about this system is that you can begin a transaction and save it for later – this is particularly useful if you’re running a restaurant or café. When a group comes into your restaurant you can begin a transaction for them and keep adding to the bill until they’re done with their meal.

Once they’re finished the meal you can quickly pull up their transaction information for the final sale. To keep track of each individual sale you have the option to name it whatever you like whether that be the party’s name, the table number, or some other appropriate name.

One last thing we should look at with this system is it’s great collection of sales tools that allow you to track your progress over time. You have the ability to quickly view your top-selling products at a glance, breakdown your sales by category, and even identify your top-selling staff members.

There are actually a lot more things you can do with this fantastic app and while it may take you a while to figure everything out it will definitely be worth it.

The Anatomy of the App image

Pros and Cons


  • Fully functioning point-of-sale system
  • Includes great video tutorials
  • Customizable product categories
  • You can create a detailed customer database
  • Each transaction can be saved to cash out later
  • Transactions can be given their own unique name
  • Also includes comprehensive sales tracking tools


  • Full access requires a paid subscription

Our Final Thoughts

Kounta is without a doubt one of the best POS apps available in the Apple App Store. This app allows you to perform detailed transactions with your customers and allows you to develop ongoing relationships with them.

It’s got some great sales tracking tools and great video tutorials that explain how to use the system. If you’re looking for an affordable POS system for your small business this is definitely a great choice.

POS | Point of Sale by Kounta - Bar, Cafe, Retail

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