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Animal Letter School! app review: entertaining and educational



Animal Letter School! by song zengqi is an educational app meant to both teach and entertain kids just learning to their letters. It was just released this month.

Animal Letter School!


User Experience

When you launch the app you’re taken to a screen with six options (three of them are locked). The ones that are unlocked allow your child to build a bridge with letters, learn the beginning of words, and trace letters. Locked games are Match A-a, Animal First Words, and Dot to Dot.

The Tracing Letters game will help your kid learn both upper case and lower case letters. He or she will follow the small animal that shows the direction the finger must go to complete the letter. The Cross River game has your child selecting the proper letter to build a bridge across a river. The matching A-a game will require your child to select the letter with the animal.

On the same home page is an image of a carnival tent: if your child touches this, there’s a carnival scene with lots of animals: a merry-go-round, and a train with music. When your child plays along, he or she will be rewarded with puzzles which will appear here. 


The app has amusing animations, child-friendly music, and age-suitable activities to help kids teach their ABCs. 

Animal Letter School!


In-App Purchases

You have to pay $2.99 if you want the full version of this app.

Personal Comments by Reviewer

This is a bright and colorful app that kids will love. I was reviewing it and my daughter heard the music, came over, and asked to play. She sat down and started playing right away; it’s very child-friendly. She played with it for a good 20 minutes, which is impressive given her short attention span. 

Pros and Cons


  • Great game to help kids learn their letters
  • Child-friendly
  • Intuitive interface



  • You only get three activities for free

Animal Letter School!

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