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Dubai Delivery app review: become the biggest courier in Dubai



What we have here is a very interesting game that will have you delivering shipments around the city of Dubai while managing the inner workings of your business to become the most successful courier firm. To make things even more interesting, you'll also learn all about the culture and history of the prosperous city.

Starting with just a small fleet of a couple of delivery vehicles, you’ll be tasked with dispatching shipments of cargo all around Dubai in a basic format fairly similar to city simulators such as Sim City. This is a very entertaining game which offers a novel twist in the form of including hundreds of historical facts for you to uncover, making Dubai Delivery educational as well as fun!

Dubai Delivery


Sim... Dubai?

When I first started looking at this game I have to admit, I wasn’t particularly impressed because all I saw was basically a cheap Sim City clone with very little to offer in the way of originality.

There is a ‘but’ coming so keep reading!

I didn’t like Dubai Delivery at first, but as I’ve continued playing it, it has really started growing on me. I love the visual layout of the interface because it seems to have been designed in the style of the old DOS games for PC; titles like Sim City and even point-and-click titles like the Monkey Island series.

This definitely offers some nostalgic value, but what about the gameplay itself?



A lot of thought has clearly gone into this game, and I like the way you have to factor in the cost of fuel for each shipment you send out in order to calculate your total profit margin.

As you progress through the game making more money and building the reputation of your firm, you’ll unlock new vehicles and properties which will enable you to dispatch bigger shipments in even greater quantities from a growing number of premises spread throughout the city.

This is a very interesting game for sure and I really like the progressive elements in the form of reputation levels and being able to unlock additional content as you send out more shipments, The educational facts obviously add a whole new level to the game play.


Dubai Delivery


Pros and Cons


  • Build your own courier firm
  • Experience a new game play environment in Dubai
  • Earn money and build your firm’s reputation with each successful shipment
  • Earn additional bonus points by packing your shipments intelligently
  • Use in-game currency to purchase new vehicles and business premises
  • Interesting Dubai facts offer an educational spin to the game



  • There is nothing negative to say about this game


Final Words

The best piece of advice I can give is to simply try out Dubai Delivery and see what you think.

This is definitely not a game for the kids but those of you who enjoyed the traditional style DOS game graphics will definitely enjoy this game, even if only for a little while.

I’ll probably be playing Dubai Delivery for a while as it continues to grow on me!

Dubai Delivery

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