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Scenic Map Grand Canyon app review: a fully 3D map of the Grand Canyon and its vicinity



Scenic Map Grand Canyon by GrangerFX is a fully realized 3D map of the Grand Canyon and the area around it. You can look at the area from the side as well as from a 2D perspective, all available using simple finger gestures.

With this app, you don’t have to be online, as the map is fully loaded within the app. This makes the app itself a big larger than usual (about 315 MB in size) but it is ideal for when you go trekking or hiking through the Grand Canyon area.

Scenic Map Grand Canyon


A Large Map of Arizona

When you zoom completely out on the map, you’ll see a nice geographical version of Arizona state. The map cuts off just under Phoenix, while in the north, east, and west, the map cuts off around the state borders. All the major roads are also marked on the map so you can even use this map to drive up to the Grand Canyon if you would like. Because the map is so large, it can take a while to focus when you zoom in, but this is not a big deal.

All major landmarks are marked on the map with a big golden star, such as big cities and sights to see, and you can add new stars by using the waypoints option in the app. The map also has five different pre-sets, each showing you a different map type of the Grand Canyon area.


So Many Options!

This app is bursting with options. First of all, there are different tracks marked on the map for your pleasure of viewing the Grand Canyon in different ways. Second, when you tap on the sun icon at the top of the screen, you can see where the sun is based at that very moment. This allows you to plan ahead for the best views around the Grand Canyon area.

A GPS function will show you where you are on the map at all times. There is a city search as well, which, when used, will simply show you exactly where the city or town is on the map. I would like to have seen a list of amenities per town in this section, as it would be fantastic to use this app to plan ahead on a visit to the Grand Canyon as well.


Scenic Map Grand Canyon


Pros and Cons


  • Fully detailed in both 2D and 3D
  • Different geographical pre-sets
  • Built-in GPS



  • No amenity listings
  • Loading takes a while



I can easily say this is the best map in the App Store for the Grand Canyon area. With all the options, information, and tracks detailed, you will never get bored or lost while traveling to this area in the United States. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone, so you can take this map with you on any device when heading out to the Grand Canyon!

Scenic Map Grand Canyon

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