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TurkeyDinDin app review: taking the stress out of menu planning



If you plan to host Thanksgiving dinner this year then you may already be starting to stress about the menu options. This app was designed to provide you with the perfect Thanksgiving dinner menu along with all the recipes and instructions you need to execute it.



What Will I Cook?

There is no need to wonder what you will cook or how to cook it thanks to this app. TurkeyDinDin provides you with one complete dinner menu including dessert. There really aren’t any bells and whistles here; there are no fancy graphics, videos, or pictures. In fact it’s actually pretty boring-looking! But we all know that looks are only part of the story, it’s also about how the app performs, and its content.

As far as performance goes, because this app really is very basic, it is also very easy to use. When you launch the app you will see pictures of each of the menu items, which are roast turkey, green bean casserole, baked mac and cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Tap on the dish and you’ll be shown the recipe for it (ingredients and instructions).

On to the content: as you can tell, the menu isn’t vast, it is just one menu option. This doesn’t leave much room for variety or a difference of tastes. If these dishes don’t meet your needs or wants then this app really has no use for you. I did appreciate that there were a few side dishes and although mac and cheese and green bean casserole may not be standards at a holiday meal they are certainly popular dishes/recipes.


What Else is There?

Unfortunately besides the pictures of the dishes and their recipes there really is nothing else here. I found myself tapping on everything looking around the screen thinking I must be missing something. I feel like there was a chance to offer more options, perhaps an alternate menu, but unfortunately it’s just the one. As stated unless you’re a fan of all these dishes you’ll find yourself quickly deleting this app. Additionally, after Thanksgiving dinner you likely won’t need to use it again.

Even the picture of the dishes were not impressive in the least. You were only given one picture per dish, which wasn’t the greatest quality, and was also pretty small. It doesn’t really give you much to go on.




Pros and Cons


  • The app is very easy to use
  • All pictures of the dishes are clearly visible from the main menu
  • There are full recipes for each of the dishes offered



  • There is only one complete menu, there are no alternative options
  • There is only one picture of each dish which is small and not great quality
  • Very simple and basic app with no added features


Final thoughts

While I did like some of the recipes I just found this one way too simple and bare for me; TurkeyDinDin is not an app I would recommend.



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