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Avenza PDF Maps app review: an offline map viewer with a map store 2021



Many apps are available nowadays that offer offline maps. Some of these are completely free, others are riddled with ads while again others insist you pay for these maps.

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Avenza PDF Maps by Avenza Systems Inc. is one of the latter iPhone maps app types, and includes a map store that is very easy to use, This maps app also offers paid as well as free maps.

On top of this, the maps you download from the store have a huge number of features that are not always supported in the free offline maps app. You can also even load up your own map, and start selling it through the Map Store!

For more details on the features and functiosn of this good iPhone app for maps, check out our Avenza PDF Maps app review below.

Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping


The Maps

The first time you go to your library, you will see that a small tutorial map is available. This will explain to you all the basic features the maps have on offer. Using maps is very easy and most options speak for themselves.

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You can always track your current position, when you’re connected, and the touch controls are the same as any other map app you might have used before.

A cool feature is that you can record GPS tracks, making it possible to track your movements in real time. In the Map Tools section you can find a search function, photos, a measure, a compass, and much more.

The Maps image

The Map Store and Prices

The Map Store offers tons of free content. A lot of these free maps are readily available elsewhere, also for free, but it’s really helpful to have them all in one place.

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A huge amount of paid-for maps are also available, and these maps range greatly in price depending on their size and detail. For example, just a map to Manhattan, New York will set you back around $1.99, while a map of a more detailed map of a larger area might cost you up to $7.99.

All these maps are divided in categories, making it easy to find what you need. Add a handy search function on top of that (it automatically search near you) and you’ve got the most complete map store I have ever seen.

The Map Store and Prices image

Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping


Pros and Cons


  • Tons of free content
  • The largest collection of maps I’ve ever seen
  • Easy to use
  • Tutorial map is a great introduction


  • Some maps are pretty expensive

Pros and Cons image


For anyone who needs a map, I can suggest looking in this Map Store first. Avenza PDF Maps has the largest collection of maps I’ve ever seen, and I doubt that will change any time soon. With all the maps put into categories, and a handy library to keep your downloads, you will never again lose a map of an area.

The map options are in-depth and there is a lot you can do that you can’t do with other free map apps. The app is compatible with iPad as well as iPhone and weighs just over 14 MB, which is of course without the downloaded maps.

Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping

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