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Texas Hold’em King app review: become king of the deck in this fast-paced poker party



Whether you’re a true master of the cards or you’re completely new to Poker ,you’re going to absolutely love this game which introduces you to a world of online Texas Hold’em-style gameplay against other players from all over the world.

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This is definitely one of the better-quality Poker games I’ve played, and having the established online community to play against definitely adds to the fun compared with simply playing against computer-generated players.

This Texas hold'em app is a great deal of fun for poker fiends and non-gamblers alike, so you’ll definitely want to give this one a run for its money!

Texas Hold'em King


Too Rich for My Blood

When you first start playing this Texas holdem app you’re going to have to create an account and although you can’t do this via your Facebook account, you’ll only need to enter a username and password along with your email address, so this should only take a couple of moments.

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Once you’re all registered and ready to start playing, you’ll be taken to the main menu where I’d say your best course of action would be to hit the Play Now button to jump straight into the action on the next available Hold’em table.

Joining a table will require that you choose your Buy In amount before being presented with the other players on the table. From here, the cards will begin being dealt and players will be free to come and go as they appear online, with up to six players being able to play on each table.

Too Rich for My Blood image

Let's See 'Em

I’ve noticed that the style of play is very fast in this game so if you need a lot of time to think about your next move you might find yourself coming unstuck when your time runs out and you end up having to fold your hand.

I like the way there is also a chat feature so you can talk trash to your opponents to discourage them or give them words of congratulations if you like to think of yourself as a good sport and they’ve just won a big pool.

Another cool feature enables you to invite people to play on your own personal table via email. With this feature you can also adjust the minimum and maximum buy-in amounts as well as whether to apply a Small Blind or Big Blind.


Texas Hold'em King


Pros and Cons


  • Play live online Texas Hold’em Poker with up to five other players per table
  • Create your own table where you call the shots and invite friends to play via email
  • Join Hold’em tables in a matter of seconds for straight-to-the-point, fast-paced Poker action


  • Play might move too quickly for some people

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

As I mentioned, Texas Hold’em King is the kind of game I can see most people liking a lot, regardless of whether they’re a big time gambler or simply want to dabble with the decks.

This game is a massive amount of fun so it definitely receives a scintillating recommendation from me!

Texas Hold'em King

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