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Baby Kicks Monitor Free app review: counting the kicks-2021



One of the most exciting things for a pregnant mom-to-be is feeling those kicks as baby grows and develops. While these kicks are exciting and memorable to feel there is also a factor to it in which doctors ask you to keep track of the kicks.

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This pregnancy monitoring app is designed for all the pregnancy Mums as a baby kicking counter. From about 28 weeks or when you feel kicks regularly, your doctor may suggest that you keep track of the kicking by some baby monitoring app daily to make sure that your baby is doing well. The Baby Kicks Monitor Free gives you a simple and fast way to keep track of all these kicks so you can then report back to your doctor.  See our best pregnancy apps list.

Baby Kicks Monitor


The New and Improved Kick Count Card

Think of this app as the new and improved kick count card. It's easier to use and a lot more fun. You will be able to use it to count the kicks and then log them. Of course most likely you will notice your baby's kicks getting stronger and more frequent but this app can also help you recognize if there is a decrease, which is something that should be brought to your physician's attention immediately.

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The app works by recording the start date, the number of kicks, and the duration of the kicks whenever you launch it. The session will stop on its own as soon as it reaches 10 times or two hours, whatever comes first. You can always stop it earlier if you like.

The New and Improved Kick Count Card image

Features and Tools

Not only can you use this app to easily record your baby's kicks and other movements, but you can then send this session information by email to a family member, your significant other, or even your doctor. The counting doesn't stop if you leave the app to use another one or place a phone call. When you go back to this app it will pick up where it left off so you don’t have to worry about starting over.

Input your last menstrual period and app for monitoring pregnancy will show your Delivery Due Date and the days remaining to that big day. Monitor your pregnancy with this app and share sessions or one individual kicking test with your doc or friend by email.

The user interface has adopted a very cute and pleasing design that is also easy to navigate. Tap on Start Session to begin recording your kicks. Each time you feel a kick just tap on "record kicks" and the number above that box will reflect the kicks. There is a duration meter, the date, and the time of the last kick. It sounds like an awful lot of information yet the app manages to display it all in a very neat and uncluttered way. I find as you log your kicks the app is incredibly intuitive and it really can’t possibly be easier than this.

Features and Tools image

Baby Kicks Monitor


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use and record kicks
  • Email your kick session to family, friends, and your doctor
  • View your kick session history log
  • Much faster and easier than a traditional paper and pen log


  • The app seems to have a number of bugs that have affected users in past but the developer claims these are all fixed

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Baby Kicks Monitor Free app takes the often mundane chore of counting your baby’s kicks and turns it into something fun, sleek, and simple.

Baby Kicks Monitor

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