The best iPhone and iPad apps for baby monitoring

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand – Wi-Fi HD Video Camera


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Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO Baby Monitor 720P 5" HD Display with A.N.R. (Active Noise Reduction),


Here's our list of the best baby monitor apps for the iPhone and iPad. Baby monitors and cameras have become increasingly more advanced compared to the wired, crackly versions from years gone by. Now you can get baby monitors with cameras that see your baby in the dark and ones that let you speak to your baby. Did you know there are also apps that turn your device into a baby monitor? 

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Have you got an older spare device lying around? Download this Baby monitoring app, and you will be able to use your old mobile device to monitor your baby. With this best baby monitor app, your child will be under your supervision all the time.

This download is an older version that allows you to use older devices

  • A great use for that old iPhone or even iPod Touch!
  • Please search the App Store® to find the full version of iSitter.

The Nancy Baby Monitor app is a truly reliable babysitter working on WiFi, 3G, or LTE network. Parenting is hard enough so let's keep things simple. Connect any two iPhones or iPads and transform them into an audio & video nanny cam. Nancy allows you to check on your baby anytime you want.

  • Camera will allow you to watch your babies while they sleep soundly.
  • Automatic reconnection on WiFi, 3G, and LTE
  • Notifications about any change in your baby's activity
  • Use microphone button to lull the baby to sleep again

With the Luna app, you'll always have a baby monitor at hand when you need one. Luna converts two iPhones or iPads into one secure baby monitor app with unlimited range. Receive an alarm when your baby cries, listen to the automated audio stream or look at live video footage. Luna consumes much less battery power and data than other baby monitor apps. 

  • Luna offers maximum reliability and security
  • Sophisticated and beautiful design
  • App uses 4 times less battery power than any other baby monitoring app
  • Audio and video streaming

Turn your iOS devices into baby monitors using this awesome app which works over Wifi, bluetooth, and even LTE so you never lose touch with your precious little bundle of joy no matter how sparse the cellphone reception. It also automatically reconnects with the other device in case of a dropped connection. If the devices are disconnected for more than 30 seconds, an alarm will notify the parent unit. This app works when it is installed on two devices, where one becomes the camera in the baby's room and the other the monitor. Either the front of back camera can be used. This is a free app supported by ads, which can be removed for $3.99 and one of the best baby monitoring apps available.  iSitter app review

  • Turns 2 iOS devices into a baby monitoring system
  • Strong, reliable connection
  • Various ways to connect
  • Notifies when the connection is lost for >30 seconds
  • Free ad-supported app

The Safe Baby Monitor app uses GSM signal which means it has an almost unlimited range. Just put your iPhone near your baby, and when he or she wakes and makes a noise, the iPhone will call a pre-set number to let you know. It can even be a house phone it calls! You can choose a lullaby for the app to play, or any music or other media from your Music library. The app offers an Activity Log so you know what happened during the night, you can turn on the Night Light function, and when the iPhone's battery is low, the app will call you.

  • Place your iPhone near your sleeping baby
  • App uses GSM signal
  • The iPhone will call any pre-determined number when the baby wakes
  • Play a lullaby or song from your device
  • Free with in-app purchases

Baby Monitor for IP Camera was created so parents can keep a watch over their babies using their IP cameras. This app is free to try out. You can listen to, watch, and speak to your baby using your phone and either wired or wireless IP cameras.  The app supports video recording and unlimited snapshots, password protected access,  and alarm notifications. You can monitor your baby in the background while running other apps and if you are away from your phone while the app runs, you can check to see if you missed any alarms. Intelligent Audio analysis helps get rid of false alarms and you can adjust the app's sensitivity to occasional noise.  Baby Monitor for IP Camera app review

  • Use your device and an IP camera to monitor your baby
  • Listen to, watch, and speak to your baby
  • Check alarm history and audio level on a graph
  • Run the app in the background while you surf the 'Net
  • Free with in-app purchase

Baby Noise Monitor will call any phone number provided if your baby wakes and makes noise. You don't have to have a special device or camera, just your iPhone, this app, and a phone for yours to call to let you know when your baby wakes or stirs. The app is easy to set up: just add the number you want it to call, check the noise level on the indicator and adjust as needed, choose the noise duration, and place the iPhone near your sleeping baby. To ensure the iPhone doesn't die while monitoring, plug in while in use or turn ON “Battery Life Alert.”

  • No baby monitor or camera needed
  • All you need is your iPhone, the app, and a phone for yours to call
  • Easy to set up
  • No need for WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Free with in-app purchase to remove ads

uBabyCam lets you see live video and audio feeds using your WiFi or cellular network. You can monitor your child's movement with a real-time audio graph, pinch to digitally zoom, record audio or video to Camera Roll, and use the Push To Talk option for two-way audio. This app lets you analyze sleep patterns, amplify the volume with the audio boost feature, and switch between portrait and landscape modes on the camera. You get a passcode lock, Retina display quality interface, the ability to adjust the light frequency on some cameras, and there is a motion detection and email alarm with adjustable motion sensitivity.

  • Supports several different cameras
  • Multi-view
  • Live single audio and max 16 video feeds on one screen
  • Passcode lock
  • Analyze sleep patterns

Baby Monitor Lite lets you watch your child using your iDevices. You'll need two: one to act as the child device and one to act as the parent device. Just activate WiFi and connect to a network or use your 3G/4G network. Once you register for an account it's easy to set up each device. You can see and talk to the baby, use the baby device as a nightlight, and if your child wakes or stirs, the parent device(s) will be notified. The noise threshold on the baby device can be adjusted in the app settings.

  • Use your iDevices to watch and listen to your child
  • Speak to your baby
  • Noise detection with adjustable noise threshold
  • 12 animal nightlights
  • Free with in-app purchases

Cloud Baby Monitor uses two devices to let you keep an eye on your baby. You'll get clear audio and video with one device acting as a monitor in your child's room and the other working as a parent unit. The devices will connect automatically with no configuration required. Only you will have access to the video stream thanks to the encryption. You can monitor the feed using WiFi, LTE, 3G, or Bluetooth. The app includes popular lullabies and white noises and you can create custom fairy tales, white noises, or songs from your iTunes library. If your baby gets upset you can talk to him or her. The app is compatible with Apple Watch so you can get live video, motion, and noise alerts.  Cloud Baby Monitor app review

  • White noises and lullabies
  • Multi-parent and multi-child feature
  • Live video anywhere
  • Secure and easy to use
  • Live video anywhere

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