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Baby Girl Names LITE app review: helping you with the perfect name



When you first find out you're pregnant it's a very exciting moment as you envision that tiny baby you will soon have in your arms. It's only natural that during pregnancy you start to think about possible names for your baby. Perhaps you know the sex of the baby or maybe you've left it a surprise; either way, if you're looking for a girl's name then the Baby Girl Names LITE app can help you out.

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Baby Girl Names LITE


Find that Perfect Name

It’s all about finding that perfect name for your baby. Even though you haven’t met the little girl yet you know that perfect name is just waiting to be found for her. For some people, thinking up a name can be the most stressful and difficult thing to agree on. If that sounds like you then it’s time for a little help.

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This app can give you ideas, inspiration, and even help you discover names you weren't aware of. Now what is important to note is that unlike some name suggesting apps, this one just provides you with the names. There are no meanings/definitions or extra details about the names. As well the most current “list of popular names” was taken from 2009, so it’s not very up-to-date.


Using the App

The app can be used in a couple of different ways. You can sort through names by popularity or alphabetically. The app allows you to bookmark names you like so you don't forget them. This is great if you’re putting together a list of possible names as it allows you to keep them all in one location. As you browse through the names just tap on it to add it to your bookmarks. If you decide at some point you no longer like one of the names on your bookmarked list, you can always delete it.

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Beside each name there is a rank, which is its ranking as of 2009. While the rank is a fun feature to add it’s really quite obsolete at this point since it’s now 2013. 

The tabs along the bottom can be used to move among the name suggestions and your own bookmarks. If you want to change how you view the names (alphabetically versus ranking), visit the Settings tab.

The user interface is beyond simple and not in a good way. Everything about this just feels sub-par and basic and this information could easily be found on the Internet (where it would probably be more current).


Baby Girl Names LITE


Pros and Cons


  • Sort names by ranking (2009) or alphabetically
  • Add names to your bookmarked list
  • You can share your bookmarked names by email



  • The most current rankings are from 2009
  • There are absolutely no added features/tools
  • The user interface is far too basic


Final Words

Everything about the Baby Girl Names LITE app feels dull and old. The app doesn’t feel relevant because the information is so old and the user interface is far from exciting and engaging.


Baby Girl Names LITE

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