If you are a fan of princesses, or your little daughter believes she is one, then check out our list of the best princess apps for your iPhone. 


Little Princess - My Fairy Tale Collection

Price: Free

If you want your child to have a primer for all the famous “princess” fairy tales going all the way back to when you were still a child, then this app should serve that purpose well! It contains 6 interactive stories like Snow White, Cinderella, and Little Mermaid.



Princess defence

Price: Free

A tower defense game where the aim is to protect the princess? Sounds straightforward enough! Plan the defense of your stronghold as numerous mythical bad guys like trolls, orcs, and all manner of vile beings besiege your castle! If you’re bored by the cutesiness of Plants vs. Zombies, then this may be the antidote you’re looking for! 




Princess me

Price: $3.99

Admit it—as a little girl, you’ve always dreamed up of growing up to become a princess. Well, this app is the ultimate princess dream come true, as you simply take a picture of yourself and “accessorize” your photo to include all manners of tiaras, braids, unicorns, woodland creatures, and anything “princess-y” you can think of!  




Sad princess

Price: $0.99

Too bad barely anyone played Muramasa: Demon Blade when it was released some five years ago, since that’s a perfect example of modern 2D beat-‘em-up game. Thankfully, this app may have unintentionally channeled all the best aspects of the former by presenting a gorgeous art aesthetic and marrying it with some pretty visceral gameplay! Plus, you play as an ass-kicking princess! 




Bug princess

Price: $4.99

For a game which has the word “princess” displayed prominently in its title, this sure offers a kickass experience! Initially developed as an arcade shooter by Japanese game company Cave in 2004, it’s shocking how smoothly the game was ported to the iOS in 2011 with little of the experience being compromised by the transfer! It’s an oldschool-flavored shoot-‘em-up, and it really tests your reflexes! If you’re one for a difficult challenge, then you won’t regret downloading this app!