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Christmas Tale HD app review: bringing the magic of Christmas alive



Christmas is the time of year where kids in particular will be looking to enjoy holiday-themed songs, stories, and activities. The Christmas Tale HD app will bring a story to life in an interactive way that will leave kids thoroughly entertained. The story is all about holiday spirit as you follow Santa around his home and on his journey delivering presents around the world. Kids will actually be helping Santa in the story thanks to the interactive elements.

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Christmas Tale HD


Experience Christmas with Santa

In this book kids will be treated to beautiful and vivid HD illustrations on each and every page. Also included on each page are interactive activities that will hold kids' interest from start to finish. They won't want to rush through this story instead they will want to take their time discovering all the hidden treasures and fun.

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The book features three different modes which are the Read to Me mode in which the story is read as readers turn the pages. In Auto Play mode in which the story is read to kids and the pages are turned for them. Lastly is Read It Myself mode in which kids will read the story and turn the pages. These three different reading modes make it more universally appealing as a larger age range of children can use it.


A Beautiful Experience

I think one of the things that stands’ out the most about this app is the sounds. Yes the narrator is crisp and clear but it’s the ambient sounds that really stand-out such as a crackling fire, doors opening, bells ringing, etc. The illustrations are a close second for me as they are just beautiful. The story actually feels more like a mini-movie thanks to all these added touches.

Just as the developer promises there are interactive features on each and every page, which makes the story really fun for kids. Here the rule is to touch the screen as much and as often as you want.

What I didn’t like was the positioning of the ad banner across the bottom of the screen. In some cases it ends up cutting off parts of the illustrations in the story. I get that it’s a free app so ads should be expected but even so it feels like this could have been positioned better. The user interface is very kid-friendly kids will be able to work their way through this story with ease.


Christmas Tale HD


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-friendly design and features
  • Wonderful HD illustrations that come alive as you read through the story
  • Interactive elements and activities on each of the pages
  • Three reading modes to choose from



  • The placement of the ad banner cuts off elements of the story/interactive elements


Final Thoughts

The Christmas Tale HD app is a wonderful addition to your holiday-themed apps. This story can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and thanks to the interactive elements they will want to keep coming back to this one time and time again.


Christmas Tale HD

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