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Flight+ for iPad Free app review: weather forecasting, airport flight boards, airline information, and much more



This is an absolute must-have iPad app for all you frequent flyers out there, enabling you to track everything from the local weather conditions to arrival and departure times for airports all around the world. You’ll never miss a connection again with this handy app at your disposal!

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The developer has done an absolutely fantastic job of providing a comprehensive resource for air travelers while presenting the information in a very attractive interface. I really like the way this app is themed, and everything is about as clear and concise as you’re going to get from a tool of this kind.

Flight+ for iPad Free - Track Live Flights - Flight Board


Track Your Flights With Ease

Flight+ for iPad Free - Track Live Flights - Flight Board enables you to very easily track pretty much any flight from any airport around the world in real time. This means that you can stay updated as to any delays that might impede your next trip, while also being notified of any gate or departure changes.

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If you’re traveling to a different city or a foreign country but you’re not sure what kind of clothing to pack, you’ll be pleased to know that you can access up to 10 days’ worth of advance weather forecasts for your destination, making this app far more than just a flight tracker.

Track Your Flights With Ease image

Share Your Flight Information Online

Once you’ve tracked down the flight or flights that you’d like to stay updated for, you can actually set up Push notifications that will let you know of any changes to the itinerary.

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This is something that really caught my attention because I find traveling to be incredibly stressful, and I’m always checking on flight statuses every five minutes, so being able to set up alerts and not worry about it (as much) definitely makes traveling by air just a tad less nightmarish!

What’s more, you can of course save all of your flight information, and you can even share your flight information with your friends and family online via e-mail, text message, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a great way of letting your loved ones know that you’re safe and sound, and that your trip is going smoothly.

Share Your Flight Information Online image

Flight+ for iPad Free - Track Live Flights - Flight Board


Pros and Cons


  • Access real-time Departure and Arrival updates
  • Terminal and gate information updated in real time
  • Automatically synchronize with your TripIt account
  • Easily schedule Departure and Arrival reminders
  • View flight maps detailing all flights to and from a given airport
  • Synchronize your flight details across your devices via iCloud
  • Offline viewing features enabled for use in airplanes
  • Share your flight information with others online via e-mail, text message, Facebook, and Twitter


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you’re looking for a way to easily and effectively manage your flights on your iPad, then I would very strongly recommend checking out Flight+ for iPad Free - Track Live Flights - Flight Board.

Flight+ for iPad Free - Track Live Flights - Flight Board

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