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I imagine app review: probably the best interactive story book in the App Store



With so many interactive story books in the App Store, finding a really good one can be extremely hard. For your children, you want it to be fun, educational, and something you can actually do together, which narrows down the choice significantly. Interactivity will also come in many different shapes and forms, but is usually limited with some moving pictures and some short sound clips. Developer Bizzibrains’s brain has been busy itself when developing I imagine for the iPad and iPhone. This book developed for children between three and eight years old breaks the mold of other interactive books and adds its own cool twist to the way these books work.

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I imagine


How it Works

The reason why this app stands out above the crowd is the interactivity. There is nearly no interactivity to be found in the story itself, but the way it is set up is where it becomes really fun and interesting. First of all, you get to create the main character yourself. The goal of the app is to make this character in the image of your child, and you can completely customize the character as you and your kid see fit. You can even take a photo of his or her face and stick it on the character. Secondly you get to do exactly the same with the other two main characters of the book, the father and the toy. Personalizing these will make the story a lot more fun to read for your kid and your child will learn a lot quicker because of this.

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Create a character
Create a character

Graphics, Sound and Unlockables

The graphics of the app look like they’ve been hand-drawn. As you customize your characters yourself, the app will always look a little bit different, especially if you use photos of your child and yourself to enhance the experience. The book will be read to you, but of course it will not pronounce the name of the characters, as you made them up yourself. If you have multiple children, you will need to set up different profiles for the story, and this is where payment comes in. It will cost you $0.99 to unlock two more sets of three characters so other children can enjoy the app as much as the first one.

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You are the main character
You are the main character

I imagine


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful children's book-style graphics
  • Customize the experience
  • Read and listen to improve your child’s reading skills



  • There is absolutely nothing bad to say about this app

Read and be read to
Read and be read to


I imagine that this is definitely one of the most original interactive story books I have seen in the App Store. Because the story is about the child itself and his environment, your child will be a lot more engaged and more eager to learn. The app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and is approximately 122 MB. You can add more profiles for the price of $0.99, which is a purchase that helps the developer make more of these amazing books.


I imagine

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