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Picture Safe app review: keep your photos safely away from prying eyes-2021



If you’re looking for a secure and discreet way of storing your photos on your iPhone and iPad then this photo vault app is definitely worth taking a look at as it provides a number of cool security measures in addition to features for importing, exporting, and otherwise managing your photo collection.

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This is definitely a sound addition to the genre of private storage apps, and although the interface is a little on the generic side, there are loads of features to keep you busy so I’m actually quite impressed overall with this secret photo app.

In this Picture Safe app review you will learn why this secret folder app is the gold standard in security and privacy management for all your media.

Picture Safe is a great way of, well, keeping your pictures safe, so it definitely receives my recommendation.  See our best vault apps list for more options.

Picture Safe - Hidden Photos


Keep Your Photos Safely Under Lock and Key

Picture Safe - Secure Photo Vault and Private Safe for your Privacy. is basically designed to provide you with a way of keeping your photos securely under password protection, while also remaining hidden with the use of a fake app icon, decoy passwords, and more.

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There is a very cool ‘calculator’ entry screen which calls for a longer eight-digit PIN number rather than the usual four.

This alone should be more than enough to throw people off the scent, but if it isn’t then you’ll be pleased to know that you can also set up Real and Safe picture modes, each with their own unique passwords.

Keep Your Photos Safely Under Lock and Key image

Easily Import and Export Your Photos

The Safe picture mode works in line with Snoop Stopper feature which will take any unauthorized user to the ‘safe’ area which shows generic stock images like landscapes, cute animals, and so on.

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When it comes to importing and exporting files, you can very easily move your photos between your computer and device with a USB cable and iTunes file sharing, or via Wi-Fi transfer. Alternatively, you can share your photos with others online via email.

Also this secret folder app has a beautiful and intuitive user interface designed for every iOS device. Native support for Retina Display and higher and images up to 2500x2500 are the features of this secret photo app.

Easily Import and Export Your Photos image

Picture Safe - Hidden Photos


Pros and Cons


  • Keep your photos safely away from prying eyes thanks to passcode protection
  • Features Real and Safe photo modes with two separate passwords
  • Snoop Stopper takes unauthorized users to a safe area showing generic images
  • Set up fake passwords, decoys, and more to keep people off the scent
  • Share your photos with others online via email
  • Export your photos to your computer via Wi-Fi transfer or USB cable
  • Import thousands of pictures at once from your computer with a single tap
  • AirPlay is fully supported                      
  • With a double tap action you can quickly replace any offending image with a fake spreadsheet or image of your choosing


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Whichever way you look at it, Picture Safe - Secure Photo Vault and Private Safe for your Privacy. is a very well designed iPhone and iPad with a comprehensive set of features.

I’ve seen similar apps with inferior functionality fetching a higher price in the App Store, so this is definitely a bargain at $0.99.

Picture Safe - Hidden Photos

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