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Discover Musical Instruments Free app review: a great option for kids



Introducing kids to music may be one of the best things you can ever do for them but the question is how can you go about it? The Discover Musical Instruments Free app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to act as that imperative introduction to the art of music. Here kids will get to be chief conductors and enjoy all the different types of instruments involved. This is an ideal offering even for very young children as they have just as much interest in musical sounds.

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Discover Musical Instruments Free


An Educational Music Experience

This can be looked at as an educational music experience for kids as young as six months old. As mentioned they will become a famous chief musical conductor in this app, a very fun profession indeed. In the free version of the app you are given 20 musical instrument sound clips and pictures to play with. This helps them with identifying the instruments, learning the different sounds, and even helps them develop a sense of rhythm. Should you choose to upgrade to the full version you'll be given 60 instruments to have fun with.

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It has been quite some time since this app was updated, which may contribute to its rather dismal 2.5 out of five stars customer rating. When an app goes that long without any enhancements or updates it starts to feel rather stagnant. Some users are also unimpressed with the "gameplay" or educational experience here feeling it's much too basic.


Listen to and learn about 20 different instruments
Listen to and learn about 20 different instruments

Age Plays a Role

I think in this app age plays a major role. If you’re using this app with your six month old child, chances are it’s enough to keep them interested for at least a short time. Older toddlers/kids likely won’t find this one quite so entertaining. There are two different modes of play which are determined depending on whether you hold your device in portrait or landscape mode. In landscape mode musical instruments are displayed on the screen and children can touch multiple ones at once to create their own symphony. In portrait mode there is a photo of an instrument shown along with its name. Kids will need to touch it in order to hear its sound clip.

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The app itself uses a child-friendly set-up that even the young ones can understand and play. I like that the sounds clips give you a few seconds so you can get a good understanding of how it sounds rather than a quick little snippet.


Two modes of gameplay
Two modes of gameplay

Discover Musical Instruments Free


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-friendly user interface
  • Two different modes of play
  • High-quality sounds
  • A variety of musical instruments to explore



  • It is really best for young kids rather than toddlers even
  • The app doesn’t offer a whole lot of features


Discover Musical Instruments screenshot
Discover Musical Instruments screenshot

Final Words

The Discover Musical Instruments Free app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to give young children an engaging introduction to a variety of musical instruments.

Discover Musical Instruments Free

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