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My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+) app review: easily stay on top of your budget



With an amazing level of customization available and access to detailed spending reports, this iPhone and iPad budgeting app should give you exactly what you need to easily stay on top of your budget throughout the entire year so that you can set some cash aside and begin saving for the future.

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I really think that everyone should use some kind of budgeting app, even if only for a little while to gain a little perspective and see what it’s like to really tighten up the spending and live a little more frugally. This could just be because I’ve reviewed approximately one bazillion similar apps in the past year or two!

Either way, this is a very well designed app that should help you stay well on track with your budgeting and saving efforts. The interface looks great and makes a lot of sense to a first time user, and there are loads of features on offer to keep you busy for a while.

My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+)


Learn About Your Spending Habits

My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+) has been designed to provide you with both a set of tools so that you can input your spending habits, and perhaps more importantly, a little insight into your spending behaviors over a period of time. This could be daily, weekly, monthly; whichever works best for you.

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Over time you’ll build up a record of your spending habits which can be viewed in a historical format, giving you a bigger picture look at exactly where your money is going at certain times of the week, month, year, and so on.

Learn About Your Spending Habits image

Share Your Achievements Online

You can also filter your view of your spending history based on date selections, amount spent, and so on, to get an even clearer picture.

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One feature that I did find quite interesting is the ability to share your budgeting and saving achievements with your friends and family online via Facebook. This isn’t something I’ve seen in a budgeting app before but I suppose it could help to motivate some people.

Share Your Achievements Online image

My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+)


Pros and Cons


  • Set up a budget and see where you stand at any point during the month
  • Review your spending habits to see exactly where your money is going
  • Share your budgeting and saving achievements with others online via Facebook
  • View a full history of your spending over your selected timeframe
  • Spending history can be filtered to show exactly the data you need
  • Enjoy full access to your records across all of your devices
  • Export your data or create a digital backup copy via iCloud and email
  • Import your data from My Weekly Budget to My Weekly Budget+ with ease


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+) is a competent effort on the part of the developer, and I think it will make a more than suitable addition to your iPhone and iPad.

My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+)

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