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PixelMogul app review: become the ultimate landlord



It's always important to start small I mean if you take it step-by-step you may just own a whole town...well, a virtual town, anyway. That is the case with the PixelMogul app which can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. This fun game will have you taking ownership one step at a time as you work at becoming the ultimate landlord. This game can be played as a casual game with just a bit here and there or you can easily sit down for hours at a time with it.

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You've Got Your Work Cut Out

You've got your work cut out for you in this game as you start small with some basic buildings and work your way up. You need to buy buildings, then pick out the ideal interiors, and just like a real landlord then you need to upkeep the building and find tenants to start paying for your investments. It’s key to keep your tenants happy so they will stick around and keep paying rent, so it’s a fine balance you need to strike here between being a smart and savvy landlord while ensuring your tenants want to stay.

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This app has been newly updated with a few minor enhancements and bug fixes. The app is free to download and play however in the free version you only have the basic features available to you. There are in-app purchases available from $0.99 to $2.99 as the all-inclusive option. The app currently has a perfect five star rating.


Work your way through the ranks to the top landlord
Work your way through the ranks to the top landlord

Build Your Skills

It's time to build your skills as a landlord and there are all kinds of features and tools to help with this task. There are nine different building types to work with. When you first start you will be using the basic building and as you progress in the game the buildings available to you become more and more fancy. There are 120 items to "pimp up" your buildings, 450 interiors to pick from all of which have been handcrafted, 50 robots that will give your tenants personality, and also 50 animals for your tenants. It’s all about building a place people actually want to live in complete with the perfect décor.

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I have to say that pretty much from the launch of this app I have been hooked. The gameplay is smooth and responsive, the graphics are a whole lot of fun, and there is no shortage of challenges here.


Fun graphics and gameplay
Fun graphics and gameplay



Pros and Cons


  • Addictive, entertaining, and smooth gameplay
  • The app supports Game Center
  • Can be enjoyed as a casual games or pass hours with it
  • Fabulous graphics and sound effects
  • Plenty of customization features



  • The free version only gives you the very basic gameplay


PixelMogul screenshot
PixelMogul screenshot

Final Words

The PixelMogul app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides users with a really fun way to see what it would be like to step into the shoes of a successful landlord.



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