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Raz-Kids app review: the building blocks for reading



If you're looking for a fun and engaging way to help kids learn how to read here's an app that might appeal to them. The Raz-Kids app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone takes the approach of eBooks and eQuizzes with more than 300 titles available to them. The app is extremely versatile and features a whopping 27 different levels of difficulty, which means your child will find the appropriate challenge for their skill level. The books are interactive and of course they look at a number of different subjects taking into account that kids have different types of interests.

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A Massive and Challenging Library for Kids

Your child doesn't have to own a giant collection of books in order to learn how to read. The Raz-Kids app provides kids with more than 300 eQuizzes and eBooks that will appeal to all different reading levels, age groups, interests, and subjects. What’s great is that this inspiring collection takes up no space in your house and you’ll have it with you no matter where you are. The website has actually won awards thanks to the quality and amount of content offered. As mentioned kids get an interactive experience that reaches across an incredibly 27 levels of difficulty.

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The book app is free to use and currently has three out of five stars from users. Customer comments seem to be quite positive. The most recent update took a look at the performance of the app and made some improvements and fixes. Perhaps this will help to boost its customer rating.

Kids can follow along with the narration of the book
Kids can follow along with the narration of the book

The Reading Experience

Of course it’s all about the reading/learning experience with the Raz-Kids app. As a mom of a child who is just learning to read this is exactly the type of app that appeals to him and provides him with just the right level of challenge. When you launch the app you’ll be able to check out the titles and immediately it’s obvious that there are so many different types and styles of books.

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The way the app works is that the book is narrated to children and the words are highlighted as they are read. Kids can pause the narration any time. There are pictures on each page to help grab and keep their interest. If they want to skip ahead in the book they can do so by swiping the screen as though they are flipping the page. When they finish the book they can then take the quiz, this is a great way to help them think about what they have read and learned.

Kids can move on to the quiz after the story finishes
Kids can move on to the quiz after the story finishes

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Pros and Cons


  • Child-friendly user interface
  • Kids can swipe the pages to skip ahead or let the app advance itself
  • Each book features professional and engaging sounding narration
  • There is a quiz that follows the book
  • Words are highlighted as they are read


  • It feels like this one is lacking in the extra features and tools
  • I wish there were additional reading modes available

Raz-Kids screenshot
Raz-Kids screenshot

Final Words

The Raz-Kids app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides kids with a huge virtual library of books that they can enjoy any time they like. I think where this one can improve is by offering users even more tools and features.


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