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Learn with Homer app review: teach your kid how to read 2021



The Homer reading app makes it easy for your kid to learn how to read, before he or she starts with this at school. The Homer app was designed by the world’s top education experts and is specifically designed for children between three and six years old.

This Homer learn to read app is a research-based reading program that gives up to four kids the ability to personalize learning level and preferences for their own interests, books, songs, and more.

With Homer, kids can develop reading skills through stories, phonics lessons, songs, their own voice recordings, drawing, and more with.

This Homer learning app combines all of the best early learning techniques into one easy method for teaching kids how to read and, as a parent, follow his or her progress on the app’s official website. 

Keep reading our Homer app review for more details. Also, check our best learning to read apps list for more great options.

HOMER Learn & Grow


How Does the App Work?

As a parent, you will be heavily involved in your kid’s learning experience. You need to probably help your young one to create an account (which is already fun, as your kid gets to pick a hat and then a photo gets taken of him or her).

After this, you need to accept the terms and agreements and you can create an account to track your child’s progression. From here it’s all on your child.

Readers can use this homer learning app independently with the app's verbal instructions and visual prompts. When they create a new user profile in the homer reading app, parents answer a series of questions about what their kids know, which leads to a personalized learning plan.

You can select multiple things to learn here on the world map, though only the initial Learn to Read lessons are open from the start. This is a great way to see how you and your child gets along with this app.

How Does the App Work? image

What is Included in the App?

Aside from these learning-to-read lessons, there are a lot of other options available on the world map. You can discover the world, with lessons about animals, the five senses, and sight and sound in particular. In Homer’s Clubhouse you can draw, record sounds, and see your board, which holds all your kid's creations.

Then there is Story Time, which, as you guessed, contains stories for your offspring, as well as poetry, nursery rhymes, and folk songs. Lastly there is a hat shop, where your kid can change his or her Thinking Cap as well as take a new photo.

Parents can add a new user here, in case they have more children. You can expand on all these options by buying extra content in the app. 

Latest updates have included new counting games, improved speed and optimization, a smooth interface, and fixing bugs. 

What is Included in the App? image

HOMER Learn & Grow


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-friendly
  • Designed by education experts
  • Parent tracking
  • In-app purchases are locked


  • Kids might ask why some functions don’t work (as not all options are open in the beginning)

Pros and Cons image


This app is fantastic to prepare your pre-school kids for what they will learn in school in a fun way. The app is clearly designed by professionals and the production value is really high.

The whole app is voiced, so your kid can learn how to read by the guide monkey that will explain the use of letters in an easy way. The in-app purchases are not too expensive. 

HOMER Learn & Grow

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