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Clean and Green Eating app review



There is a lot of emphasis on living a green lifestyle nowadays and food is one of those things you can actually choose to go green and clean with. The Clean and Green Eating app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone features a collection of recipes that all fit this kind of lifestyle. The app can be used by those who are just starting to pay close attention to what they eat as well as those who have been doing it for years but are looking for more ideas and inspirations. 

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Clean and Green Eating


Making Healthy Choices Simple

Just because you have made a commitment to yourself to make clean and green eating choices doesn't mean it's easy to do. The Clean and Green Eating app can act as a wonderful tool and guide to help you make this lifestyle choice. Here you'll find more than 150 recipes that include such things as meals, desserts, snacks, and drinks. Everything is covered so you never feel as though you're missing out. What's really great is that each of the recipes offers complete nutritional information so you can be sure you're making a healthy choice.

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This app was just recently updated with a number of minor bug fixes made and there were recipes added giving users even more to choose from. It gets a solid 3.5 out of five stars from users who love how easy it is to use and the fact it works for a variety of dietary needs. Where users have a bit of a beef with the app is that there just doesn't seem to be enough content and it would be great to see more added.

Browse through a variety of beautiful recipes
Browse through a variety of beautiful recipes

Getting Started

As soon as you launch the app it is evident how user-friendly it has been made to be. The Clean and Green Eating app allows you to search by category, save your favorites for future use, share recipes, and even put together a shopping list. If you have specific dietary requirements such as being gluten free, vegan, dairy-free, or whatever, you can just customize your settings to match your needs. Each recipe offers the ability to view the measurements in Imperial or Metric units and there is an estimated kitchen time that is shown so you know how long the dish should take to prepare.

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I really like that this app can make choosing healthy, green, and clean eating a doable thing that can still be inspiring, tasty, and fun.

Recipes are well-laid-out
Recipes are well-laid-out

Clean and Green Eating


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to navigate and use
  • Browse through a variety of categories
  • Personalize the settings to meet your dietary requirements
  • Beautiful photos of the dishes
  • Save recipes as favorites
  • Create a shopping list within the app
  • Share recipes


  • Users would like to see more content/recipes added

A category menu for easy selection
A category menu for easy selection

Final Thoughts

The Clean and Green Eating app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to make choosing a healthy green lifestyle easy and fun. I think it succeeds in that regard and is a nice option to give a try.


Clean and Green Eating

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