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DanceTime Deluxe app review: practice your rhythm



Professional dancers, those taking lessons, and people just interested in learning how to dance need to know how to keep up with the rhythm. The DanceTime Deluxe app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives users a way to practice rhythm counting. Users will be able to choose from 26 dance rhythm patters, which gives plenty of options when practicing. The tempo is also variable which means the app is flexible enough to be used for all kinds of dances. 

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DanceTime Deluxe


Perfect Your Dancing

The DanceTime Deluxe app really allows its users to perfect their skills and become the kind of dancer they've been dreaming of when it comes to rhythm counting. The app bills itself as a "complete" offering when it comes to rhythm counting and contains such rhythms as the Cha Cha, American Tango, Merengue, Waltz, Quickstep, Rumba, and plenty more. You've got 26 rhythms to choose from and the tempo is variable. You can navigate through all these rhythm patterns by tapping on the one you want or swiping to advance. You have control over how long the pattern plays because until you stop it, it will just continue on.

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The app was updated at the beginning of the year with a new user interface, some bug fixes, a new beat and bar counter, and more. Unfortunately the app doesn't seem to be hitting the mark with dancers and gets just two out of five stars from users. There are no customer comments at this time.

A rather basic user interface
A rather basic user interface

Features and Tools

When it comes to the features and tools in this app there really isn't a whole lot. As mentioned the DanceTime Deluxe app allows you to adjust the tempo/speed of the rhythm pattern by one bar-per minute increments. This is what makes the app useable for both beginners and pros. The whole idea of this app is that it takes the place of an instructor who would be counting the steps. This allows you to continue to practice at home on your own without an instructor. The app offers counting in Bar or Normal mode. In bar mode it supports choreography up to eight bars while in Normal mode it works as "1 2 3 4...1 2 3 4..."

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The tempo display can be viewed in two different ways: either as beats-per-minute or in bars-per-minute. It's very easy to move between the options. There is a metronome included in the app and you can practice your dancing to music that you can find on the website.

The app lacks in features and tools
The app lacks in features and tools

DanceTime Deluxe


Pros and Cons


  • The app counts in beats-per-minute and bars-per-minute
  • There are 26 different rhythm patterns
  • You can adjust the tempo/speed on the patterns
  • There is a built in metronome


  • There are very few tools and features
  • The app isn’t very user friendly
  • The user interface is unimpressive

DanceTime Deluxe screenshot
DanceTime Deluxe screenshot

Final Words

While the DanceTime Deluxe app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has some good intentions; it just fails to hit the mark in a number of areas.


DanceTime Deluxe

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