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Guitar Workout app review: not very practical



Guitar Workout is a somewhat misleading app for iPhone and iPad that seems to pose as a collection of exercises for aspiring guitarists but in fact contains what really amounts to little more than a series of games to test your digital dexterity.

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If you’re a musician who is looking for an app that will help you to improve your guitar playing skills then this almost certainly isn’t the one for you, but if you just want a guitar-themed game to fiddle with then I’d say it’s worth checking out.

Guitar Workout


Not for Guitarists

What we have here is what I would personally classify as a music game that provides a collection of a dozen exercises centered on a virtual guitar fretboard, aimed at helping you improve the speed and dexterity of your fingering.

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The exercises or games range from playing individual notes and phrases to improve your lead guitar skills, to switching between chords in order to enhance your rhythm playing.

Look Elsewhere

There isn’t really much more to say about Guitar Workout because I personally have found it to be quite misleading.

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If you are a guitarist and not someone looking for a music game then please be aware that this app is not going to help you improve your playing, so be sure to look elsewhere for a more apt development in the Music or Education categories of the App Store.

Beef up your guitar practice
Beef up your guitar practice

Guitar Workout


Pros & Cons


  • Practice your gitar fingering skills on a virtual fretboard
  • Provides a dozen different exercises for you to work through
  • Learn how to switch chords for smoother and more rhythmic playing
  • Practice playing individual notes to speed up your lead playing


  • Please note that this is not really a practical set of exercises for guitarists as it is more of a game, and considering that you are supposed to use the on-screen fretboard I really do not think the skill development will carry over to actual guitar playing

Learn all manner of movements
Learn all manner of movements

Final Words

Guitar Workout for iPhone and iPad is fun but not at all practical, and to be honest I think you’d be better off looking in the Games category for some similar games that offer a little more in terms of audio and graphical content.


Guitar Workout

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