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I Feel Super app review



I Feel Super is an ebook for iPad and iPhone that is designed for young kids. It goes through a series of events over 15 pages, and follows a little worm creature that is very excited to do small everyday things, and feels super doing them.

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I Feel Super


Read a Story to Your Child

I Feel Super is an ebook that explores what makes a little worm creature feel super. The idea is that it helps your child realize that they don’t have to be an astronaut to be super, they can be kind, helpful, and so on. The first page reads “I feel super!” This gets your child interested and wondering what the little worm creature is so excited about.

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As the story goes on, the worm creature is excited “When I run from the rain,” “When I help my sister,” and other every day activities that we would be proud to have our child engage in.

Each page is interactive so when you tap on the image something happens. For example, the rain drops fall, the sister giggles, and so on.


Technical Difficulties

I Feel Super does have some technical difficulties. If you don’t swipe in the exact spot that the app requires, then you don’t get the page turned. This was annoying for me because I tried to swipe the same page 10 times and it still hadn’t turned. I accidentally brought up the page index menu that appears at the top of the book, and navigated to the next page that way, only to have to figure out how I managed to do that. For your reference, you tap where it says "page."

Additionally, I had trouble with the music playing while I was trying to read to my child. This book does not read for your child, so parent engagement is required. This is not a bad thing, but you’ll want the background sound off, or your phone volume turned down.

Page example
Page example

I Feel Super


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Boosts your child’s self esteem
  • Shows that regular every day activities can make you special too


  • Turning the pages is difficult
  • Navigating the page menu on your iPhone is difficult due to size, but okay on iPad

I Feel Super screenshot
I Feel Super screenshot

Final Thoughts

I Feel Super is an animated and interactive ebook for kids to read on the iPhone or iPad. It has 15 pages of super things they can do to feel great, and gets your child excited to help out with their little sister, run through the rain, and other every day activities. It emphasizes that you don’t have to be top of the class to be special, as there are other ways to be special too. Overall, I would recommend this book to a parent with a child struggling with self-esteem, but I would suggest that they use it on the iPad, and that they read it together to avoid frustration while turning pages.


I Feel Super

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