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mnder app review: create reminders in an instant



If you find the native iOS reminders a bit too annoying and convoluted for you, then mnder - quickly create reminders might be an option worth checking out on your iPhone or iPad.

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This app promises a simple and straightforward reminder-setting experience, with absolutely no frill and all function. Let’s see if it manages to deliver on that promise.

mnder - quickly create reminders


Quickly Create Reminders

mnder - quickly create reminders makes a fantastic addition to the Utilities section of the App Store. It is a lightweight app which is smaller than a megabyte, making for a lightning-fast download. When you launch the app, you will be taken straight to the reminders page where you can quickly jot down any text and select a time to receive the reminder.

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Even the time-selecting feature is fantastic; you can choose from three options including Later today, Tomorrow, or Pick a date. Tapping on the first two options will present to you three unique times that you can set immediately. You do, however, have to tap “done” for a reminder to be set. I’d like it if the developers got rid of that last step, which can be a little confusing for first-time users, and is ultimately unnecessary.

No Frills or Fluff

The third option, Pick a date, presents you with a calendar with five-minute intervals. Pick a time in the future and tap “create” to finalize.

The best reminder apps for iPad

When you have followed the instructions and made up a reminder, you will be prompted via what looks a lot like a banner notification that a reminder has been set.

Tap on “mnder” at the top of the screen to be presented with a list of all the upcoming reminders. Here you can modify the date and time or completely delete the reminder from the list.

Tap on the “settings” icon at the bottom of this screen to make modifications to your preferences regarding badges, notification sounds, and the night theme. The latter gives a very cool look to the app, and will adjust based on the brightness of your iOS device screen.

mnder - quickly create reminders


Pros & Cons


  • Set up reminders with just a few taps
  • Assign a random time to your reminder from three options for the next day and three for the same day
  • Alternatively, set up a time for your reminder anytime in the future
  • Customize whether you get a badge on the app icon and whether you want to receive a notification sound
  • Night mode adjusts based on your iPhone or iPad’s brightness


  • Doing away with the “Done” tap after picking a randomly-generated time for “later today” and “tomorrow” options would be a good idea, in my personal opinion

Final Words

If you’re looking for a simple and intuitive reminder app for your iPhone or iPad, then this app is one you shouldn’t miss. In short, mnder - quickly create reminders is an awesome app.


mnder - quickly create reminders

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