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Rescue First Aid HD app review



Rescue First Aid HD is a great resource of essential First Aid information for iPad which has been designed primarily for visitors to France as it contains a collection of emergency contact information that you will find invaluable in any crisis.

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This is a very well-developed app with loads of great hints and tips to help you deal with any eventuality, and I would definitely recommend keeping it handy on your device if you are planning on visiting France in the near future.

Rescue First Aid HD


Stay Safe in France

Equipped with this app on your iPad you’ll become a First Aid guru in no time at all, and you’ll be able to calmly and effectively handle just about any emergency situation that life can throw at you.

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This app has largely been designed for use in France as it includes a collection of French emergency contact numbers, but it is also quite generic as a medical app because you can add your own medical information so that others know how to treat you if you are in an accident.

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Store Emergency Information

Rescue First Aid HD allows you to easily see your current location by using your device’s integrated GPS, and you can call any of the pre-defined or custom emergency contact numbers from directly within the app.

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What’s more, you’ll find a wealth of various First Aid techniques included in this app, all of which are clearly illustrated to help you implement them in a confident and apt manner, regardless of the situation.

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Rescue First Aid HD


Pros & Cons


  • Become a First Aid expert with this collection of invaluable advice
  • Learn how to assess and handle emergency situations with ease
  • Designed for use in France with a collection of emergency contact numbers
  • Add your medical information so others know how to effectively treat you
  • Call emergency contacts from directly within the app
  • Easily see your current location by using your device’s integrated GPS
  • First Aid techniques are clearly illustrated to help you deal with any situation


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Rescue First Aid HD for iPad looks great, runs like a charm, and should definitely help you to at least have the knowledge required to deal with certain emergencies.

Rescue First Aid HD

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