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Flipside Charades app review: tilt your phone to guess



If you like playing charades with your friends and family then you’re going to have a great time playing with Flipside Charades on your iPhone and iPad as it boasts almost 20 different categories to keep you and your loved ones guessing and laughing all night long.

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Everyone loves a good game of charades, and there is loads of content in this app to keep you amused for hours. I should point out, however, that there have been some complaints about the tilt function not working so you might want to consider this before downloading this app.

Flipside Charades


Family-Friendly Shenanigans

Making a wonderful addition to the Entertainment category of the App Store is this fun game of charades that you can play with your friends and family to liven up even the very dullest of parties or social gatherings.

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Within this app you’ll find a total of 19 different categories to help keep things fresh and varied, and you’ll be required to perform all kinds of funny acts such as singing, impersonating celebrities, or simply guessing famous locations and landmarks.

Charades for the whole family
Charades for the whole family

Share Your Charades Online

Flipside Charades is supposed to work on the basis of tilting your iOS device when someone guesses correctly or incorrectly but I’m not sure how consistently this will work with different models so bear this in mind before making your final decision to download it.

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One thing I do really like about this app though is that you can record your antics by using your device’s built-in camera, and these videos can then be shared with your friends and family online; this is sure to make for some hilarity!

Ideal for parties
Ideal for parties

Flipside Charades


Pros & Cons


  • Enjoy a fun game of charades with your friends and family
  • Choose from 19 different categories to keep things fresh and varied
  • Tilt your iOS device when someone guesses correctly or incorrectly
  • Requires you to perform impersonations, sing, or simply name famous things
  • Create your own categories and charades to suit any ability level
  • Record your crazy antics with your device’s camera from directly within the app
  • Share your charades videos with others online via Facebook


  • I haven’t personally encountered any issues with this app but there have been complaints from some users on the iTunes description page saying that the tilt function does not work

Choose from 19 categories
Choose from 19 categories

Final Words

Flipside Charades has worked perfectly for me so I’d say that if you have an iPhone 4 or older then you might be okay with this app.


Flipside Charades

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