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Heads Up! app review: a fun game to play with your friends 2021



Heads Up! is an iPhone and iPad charades app that is based on the popular board game Head Bandz. It is a great iPhone charades app to play in small groups to have friends help you guess what is on your phone screen.

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For more details about this good iPhone app for charades, check out our Heads Up! app review below.

Heads Up!


Play at a Party, or Play at a Break

If you’re looking for a time filler that will engage all of your friends instead of just playing on your device by yourself like a loner, then Heads Up! will fit the bill!

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Start up the app, stick the phone on your forehead, and then try to guess what you are using the hints that your friend’s provide. Think that’s easy? Wait until you get to the more difficult questions!

I love this game because there are so many different levels, and also so many different categories. It is a fun game full of excited exclamations. If for example your phone reads potato, your friends will be saying things like round, comes from the ground, and so on.

You might say tomato, peas, apples, and more before you finally get to potato. The game can go quickly once your friends know what will help you guess the clues more quickly, but it can also take a good long time when you pass the phone around the circle a few times.

Play at a Party, or Play at a Break image

Sit in a Circle Wherever You Are

I would suggest you sit in a circle to play Heads Up! simply because you can more easily view the device, and the player with the device can more easily view each person giving out hints. This is a very fun game to play with friends, classmates, or theater groups too.

The kids in my daughter’s play were playing this game at break last week, and they were having a lot of fun. The younger kids had trouble because they cannot read, but with a little adult assistance to whisper the word to them, the game went smoothly and with stress on the word is secret, it was fair too!

The game only went on for about half an hour, but the kids could have easily gone on for several more minutes. There was also minimal fighting because they each knew to pass the device to the person to their left. Pass to the left, and there isn’t any complaining about missed turns either.

Sit in a Circle Wherever You Are image

Heads Up!


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Many different topics to select from
  • Start with seven categories of Superstars; Act It Out; Animals Gone Wild; Blockbuster Movies; Icons, Legends & Stars; Accents & Impressions; Hey Mr. DJ
  • Additional packs for Holidays, kids, and many more for purchase


  • If you have a cheater someone may whisper the topic, but the motions-based game make cheating pretty difficult

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Heads Up! is a fun game to play with many kids, many friends, or whomever you’d like to play with. My family likes to play board games at Christmas, so I’ve been looking for some fun ones to play, and after the kids at my daughter’s theater group played this one last week, I had to look it up and try it for myself!

The original Head Bandz game was tricky because you had to get the headband on without the individual sneaking a peek at their word. With the gestures, this game becomes more difficult to cheat, and I appreciate this for sure as my son has great trouble with people who don’t play fair.

Overall, this is a a well-designed game that is full of various categories, and a game that people of all ages can play.

Heads Up!

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