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Parkinsons app review: symptom assessments



Parkinsons is a very well-designed app for iPhone and iPad that provides a collection of assessment scales designed to work alongside your doctor to help you assess the severity of your symptoms or those of a loved one.

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I would definitely recommend checking out this app if you or a loved one suffer from Parkinson’s disease as it could provide a great deal of insight into the symptoms and how they can best be managed in daily life.



Access a Range of Assessment Tools

To give you some idea of what you can expect to find in this app, here are the scales that are included:

  • Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale 
  • Medication (Parkinson's Drug Reference) 
  • Hoehn & Yahr Scale for Parkinson's Disease progress 
  • Schwab & England Activities of Daily Living 
  • Non-Motor Symptoms Assessment 
  • Elderly Mobility Scale 
  • Abbreviated Mental Test Score 
  • Parkinson's Disease Quality of Life (PDQ-39)
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I don’t pretend to know the specifics of each of these as they pertain to the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s, but the content is all very reliable in functional terms and there are Help sections to guide you every step of the way.

Use extensive assessment tools
Use extensive assessment tools

Share Results With Your Doctor via Email

Parkinsons also enables you to keep your records safe and secure with passcode protection, so this is ideal if you want to keep your details private and don’t want them falling into the wrong hands.

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What’s more, there is an automatic facility that you can use to share your assessment results with your doctor online via email.

Learn about medications
Learn about medications



Pros & Cons


  • Designed to inform sufferers of Parkinson’s and their loved ones
  • Includes a selection of assessment scales and medication reference tools
  • Learn how to identify various symptoms associated with Parkinson’s to better understand them
  • Keep your records safe and secure with passcode protection
  • Share the results of each assessment with your doctor online via email
  • Use the integrated Help sections to easily learn the various features in no time at all


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Receive a score for each assessment
Receive a score for each assessment

Final Words

Parkinsons for iPhone and iPad has clearly been developed in a very professional manner, and I think it is a true asset to the Medical category of the App Store.



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