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iThesaurus app review: synonyms, antonyms, and definitions



If you often find yourself fumbling to find the right words to say or write in a situation, then iThesaurus is an app that will solve this problem for you from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad.

What we have here is a thesaurus app that contains over 140,000 words that you can look up in an instant, be it to complete a poem or a piece of prose.

What's more is that this app also has definitions available for each of the words so you can ensure the word you've found is the right fit.

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The Complete Package

iThesaurus is a free app available from the Reference section of the App Store, and it takes up a whopping 4.2 MB of space on your iOS device, the equivalent of a relatively short music track. This app is supported by ads which can easily be ignored as they appear at the bottom of the screen and aren't very intrusive on the otherwise-clean interface.

So, this app takes up minimal space, is free to download, and will help you expand your vocabulary! When you type a word into the Search function, you will be presented with a list of the words that can be tapped to view their separate definitions.

The best dictionary and thesaurus apps for iPad

Portable thesaurus
Portable thesaurus


Not only will you find over 140,000 words along with definitions available in case you need them. If you learn a new word that you are itching to share with someone, simply post it to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, or do it the old-fashioned way via email.

You will also learn pronunciations for over 636,000 words in this app, and not only will you find synonyms, but also antonyms as you should on any thesaurus resource.

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Search and find
Search and find



Pros & Cons


  • Contains more than 140,000 words along with definitions if you need them
  • Contains synonyms as well as antonyms
  • Free and lightweight app at 4.2 MB
  • Share definitions with ease via social media networks or email
  • Also pronounces more than 636,000 words
  • Will help you expand your vocabulary


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Sharing options
Sharing options

Final Words

iThesaurus is a really cool app which will definitely ensure that you're never left fumbling for a new word. Get this app on your iPhone or iPad, and always find the word that fits perfectly.



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