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Tealday app review: combine colors and conquer!



Tealday is a puzzle game which is bound to be a lot of fun for those who love to mix and match colors or work with colors. Architects, designers, and fashionistas all must definitely check out this wonderful and delightful game on their iPhones and iPads!

You will be provided with a Target Color bar, and the objective of the game is to ensure that all the big circles you see are converted into the same color as the “target” color.

This app can be found in the Games section of the App Store where it can be downloaded completely free of charge. It'll also only take up 2.5 MB of space on your iOS device, making for a super speedy download and a highly responsive app.

Let's get right to the gameplay.

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Main Interface

Tealday has a simple user interface which will brighten up your iPhone or iPad. When you first launch the app, you will see the instructions to the game, which can also be accessed at any time using the Help option on the main interface.

The main screen will show you the level you're at, and it'll have a big red Play button. Tap this button and get started.

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Main interface
Main interface

Gameplay and Objectives

At the top of the gameplay screen, there will be three circles, each with a different color (red, blue, and yellow) along with a number written on them. This is the number of times you can use that color. There is a Target Color bar, and below that, there are bigger circles of varied colors.

The objective is to match the big circles with the color in the Target Color bar. You will be able to do this by dragging the red, yellow, and blue colors from the small circles at the top of the screen into the big circles laid out before you.

The progression of this game is really well-designed, ensuring that users don't feel the game is overly difficult, yet it's challenging enough to make you think. If you do get stuck, you can receive hints by pressing the ? icon. Restart the puzzle with ease if you feel you can get a better score or if you run out of moves.

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Drag the colors from the small circles at the top
Drag the colors from the small circles at the top



Pros & Cons


  • Simple, straightforward gameplay
  • Helpful instructions within the app
  • Receive hints if you get stuck
  • Restart the level if you are out of moves
  • Highly addictive game!


  • Might take over your life as you try to get to the next level; you've been warned!

The game gets progressively harder!
The game gets progressively harder!

Final Words

Tealday is one of the nicer puzzle games I've come across in a long time, and is definitely here to stay on my iPhone as well as iPad. This is a free, lightweight game, and is definitely worth checking out!



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